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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Can I Have a Baby After Placing One Up for Adoption?

By Shamani Salahuddin

Having a family after placing a child for adoption in Nevada is entirely acceptable and completely normal. Women who face unplanned pregnancies often struggle to provide for the child and choose adoption. It is usually years later, when life is more stable, that a birth mother decides to have another baby, which is entirely okay. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada wants you to understand that adoption is a beautiful process that can change lives. It doesn’t mean you can’t start a family in the future. So, if you are a birth parent wondering, “Can I have a family after placing a baby for adoption?” the answer is always yes. Every woman can give up a baby for adoption and parent a child afterward. 

Why Did You Choose Adoption?

During this time, remembering why you chose adoption is essential. You went through your pregnancy and the adoption process and ultimately chose adoption. Many people see adoption as an easy way out, but we know that is untrue. You put thought into your adoption plan, from the type of adoption you want to the adoptive family your baby would live with. 

People who don’t go through the adoption process will never understand what it’s like to give a baby up for adoption. Birth parents go through a whirlwind of emotions to make the best decisions for their baby. Regardless of the reasoning, birth parents are strong because they can put their baby’s needs above their own. Above the scrutiny they may face. They can accept their baby will have a better life with the adoptive family. Choosing adoption in Nevada is a choice of love. 

Feeling Guilty About Starting a Family After Adoption

A birth mother who has chosen adoption in the past may be in a position to provide for her current pregnancy. Although the new baby symbolizes hope and joy, she might feel guilty for being unable to support her previous pregnancy. It is normal to feel this way, but know you are worthy of being a mother. You chose adoption in Nevada because it was the best decision for you and your baby. Allow yourself to feel the excitement of this pregnancy. Some birth mothers fear that having another baby is insensitive to the one they placed for adoption. You will always have a special place in your heart for your adoptive child. You should try not to let the negative feelings distract from the positive of welcoming a new child into your family.  

Is Being a Mother a Real Choice After Choosing Adoption?

It can be challenging to move past guilt when considering starting a family. You may think you couldn’t be a mother before, so you can’t be one now. However, Reno adoption can make you realize the responsibility of motherhood. Being a good mother means meeting your child’s needs and sometimes putting them above your own. By choosing adoption for your child when you weren’t ready to be a parent, you were already being a good mom. 

You learn a lot about what it takes to be a mother through adoption, and you’ll likely be a great mother in the future. Adoption in Nevada is an act of selflessness, compassion, and integrity. You can always be a mother if you’ve chosen adoption in the past. 

Emotions Having Another Child After Adoption Can Arise

Having another child after giving one up for adoption can bring up a lot of emotions. While guilt is generally high on the list, it is not the only one. You may also feel sadness while re-living the process of pregnancy and giving birth. For some mothers, different events trigger memories from another pregnancy. It may bring your mind back to your pregnancy during the adoption journey and cause emotions you felt in the past to resurface. 

During this time, self-care is so important. Allow yourself patience and compassion, especially when you are feeling low. You may feel alone, but you’re never alone. Surround yourself with loved ones and be open to talking about your feelings. Just like the adoption journey, a strong support system is important. 
An expecting mother who has placed another baby for adoption may experience different emotions and questions about their pregnancy. It is important to know your options and the resources that are available to you. If you are pregnant and considering adoption and need pregnancy adoption help, contact an Adoption Choices of Nevada adoption center today.