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Can I Make an Adoption Plan in Nevada if I Don’t Know Who the Birth Father is?

Can I Make an Adoption Plan in Nevada if I Don’t Know Who the Birth Father is?

Yes, you can! You can make a Nevada adoption planAlthough, if you really want us to, we will try our best and be happy to help you locate the birth father so he can be present with you during your adoption process. However, birth mothers can still make their adoption plans without the birth father present. After all, this is your process with your baby, not the birth fathers.

With your adoption in Las Vegas and adoption in Reno, you will make all of the decisions for your child, and we will help you along the way. We will be here to support you from start to finish because you and your baby should be loved, cared for, and stress-free during your pregnancy.

You are the one who is creating the best possible life and future for your child. No one else will make your decisions for you. We want to make sure your adoption plan will be created exactly how you want it to be for your child. 

Our adoption agency in Las Vegas, Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to help. We will provide you with love, support and care because we want you to have a positive adoption process. 

You are in Control of your Adoption Plan

During your baby adoption in Las Vegas and Reno, birth mothers are in control of everything. From choosing what kind of adoptive family their child will go to, to what type of communication she wants to have with him or her, to what kind of environment you want to live in during your adoption process, you call the shots! It is not imperative that the birth father has to be present with you during your adoption process. You have the power to create your own plan with your baby. 

If you need any additional help at all during your adoption, have questions or concerns about anything, we will be here for you. You are our number one priority. You will have all the support you need to get through this. 

We understand you want nothing but the best for your child because they are your pride and joy. We know you want to be reassured that he or she will go on to live the most successful life in the future. That is why, with every decision you make throughout your adoption process, you ensure that hope for your child. You made this possible for them all on your own. No matter which adoptive family your child will live with, they will be welcomed with open arms, and a whole lot of love, care, and support for them.

We will provide every possible option available for you so you can have a smooth adoption process with your child. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed so you can focus on your pregnancy without distractions. This is your journey. 

You Have Support, and an Option to Help You Complete your Adoption Plan

Technically, you and the birth father are still entitled to your parental rights over your child until the adoption is finalized. However, if the birth father is not present with you at the time of your adoption process and is unknown, there is a way for the birth mother to terminate his rights during her adoption process. 

During your child adoption in Las Vegas, if the birth father does not come back into the picture, and cannot be located for six months or more, you can relinquish both your and his legal parental rights. We will provide you with a team of high-quality adoption attorneys who will help you with this step. 

With your Las Vegas adoption, we will provide you with anything you need to help make this part of your process go as smoothly as possible. You and your baby matter to us, and we will support you however we can. 

We want to celebrate you for going through your adoption process without the birth father. You are putting your heart and soul into this journey with your child and should be admired for your heroic decision!     

Remember, you will never be alone when you are going through your adoption process. There are plenty of women who are going through the same process now and who will go through it in the future without the support of the birth father. The good news is, we will be by your side to support you and give you the confidence to persevere through your adoption process with your baby.

You, Will, be Celebrated for Your Choice of Adoption

We understand going through your adoption process can be difficult. If you ever find yourself thinking, am I giving my baby up for adoption, you are not. You are creating a better life for him or her. 

Even though there will be many ups and downs along the way, remember you are strong and resilient. You are an adoption hero warrior. Every choice you make will help shape your adoption plan into the one you want for your child. Remember, as a birth mother, you are both brave and strong for choosing adoption, and as a result, should be celebrated for taking that step with your child. Remember, you accomplished this process all on your own without any help from the birth father. You will be loved by everyone on your adoption team, cared for and supported for the rest of your life. 

You deserve to be commended for all of the important decisions you will make for your child in order to create a better life for him or her. You always have your child’s best interest in mind while going through this emotional process. 

Most importantly, you will be respected among family members, peers, friends and anyone else for your decision to place your child up for adoption. They will respect you because they know you created this wonderful opportunity for your child all on your own, out of love and the goodness of your heart. 

Can I Still Make an Adoption Plan if the Birth Father is Unknown?

Regardless of whether the birth father is there or not, you will be able to proceed with your adoption plan. You know what the best decision for him or her is, and how you want your child to be raised. 

We know you will want nothing but the best life possible for your child. You want to see your child be placed into the loving, caring arms of their new adoptive family. We will be here to give you all the support, love, and guidance you need to help you have a positive, successful adoption process with him or her. 

If you are a birth mother considering adoption and are thinking, are there any adoption agencies near me? Our adoption agency in Las Vegas is here for you. Adoption Choices of Nevada will help you every step of the way. If you live in the Las Vegas or Reno area, either have questions or need guidance with your adoption process in Nevada, do not hesitate to come to our offices. We are always here for you.

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