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Can I Place a Newborn Up for Adoption?  

By Jordan Smith

If you are a woman who is unexpectedly pregnant and needs information about placing a baby for adoption, then here is some information you should know. Adoption Choices of Nevada has a great team of seasoned adoption specialists to ensure you have the best experience. We will share the process of what a last-minute adoption entails and if one could place a newborn up for adoption. 

What is a Newborn Adoption, and Is it Hard?   

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we call newborn adoptions “last-minute adoptions.” We use the term last-minute adoption to effectively coordinate the adoption process. Adoption Choices of Nevada has had great success in placing newborns with loving and caring adoptive families.

Newborn adoptions are not difficult to process because of the step-by-step process we use here at Adoption Choices of Nevada. These steps are no more challenging than a beginning of pregnancy adoption plan. You will be provided with full-time support and all the information needed to make your decisions.

What are the 5 Most Important Things to Know About Last Minute Adoptions?   

1. Last-Minute Adoptions are Possible 

Adoption Choices of Nevada has a staff you can reach by text or call 24/7 with any questions. This is the first way to start the process of your adoption plan, and after contacting us, you will be assigned an adoption counselor. 

Your initial meeting with your counselor can be virtual or in person, whichever makes you the most comfortable! Adoption agencies will do everything to prioritize your comfort throughout the adoption process

You will make many decisions during this time, such as the type of adoption you seek, resources you may need, and the adoptive family. Any decision will be up to you, with no coercion or judgment. This is why our counselors support and guide birth mothers during this vulnerable time. 

2. The Adoption Process

When giving a baby up for adoption, the next thing to step is your detailed adoption plan. Once the adoption plan is completed, it will assist and guide you through the entire adoption process

The first thing that will be established is the amount of openness you will want throughout the adoption. For example, we offer open, semi-open, and closed adoptions, and each one has its own level of openness. If you choose a closed adoption, then your adoption counselor will be there to communicate with the adoptive family on your behalf. 

3. Birth Mothers Can Still Receive Benefits 

Adoption Choices of Nevada offers different resources for birth mothers who may need them. We offer medical and prenatal care, transportation to and from appointments, and other things such as grocery shopping. Our Reno adoption agency also provides housing and financial expenses for rent and other day-to-day necessities, if eligible.

One of the significant resources we offer here is support, which you will have access to for up to six months post-placement. So your adoption specialist will be there for you from the very beginning, and that relationship will be a positive aspect of your adoption journey. 

4. You Will Have Support While at the Hospital 

If you contact us from the hospital, an adoption specialist will communicate with you about the making of your adoption plan. The adoption specialist will be there to review all of your options and guide you through any required decision-making. 

5. Once the Adoption is Finalized, it is Permanente

Adoption Choices of Nevada will assist you in scheduling a post-placement hearing and help with transportation. There, you and your adoption specialist will go over all of the necessary paperwork required to finalize the baby’s adoption. 

If there is anything that may seem confusing to you, do not hesitate to express that to your adoption specialist. They will explain all the relevant information you need to know during this process.

We are Here to Offer You Support During Your Newborn Adoption 

We at Adoption Choices of Nevada work with birth mothers at any stage of their unplanned pregnancy and even after birth. Our no judgment and no coercion policy is set to ensure that you will have the utmost comfort when going through adoption.  

The resources we have to offer are to support you and the baby’s health and safety. And the support is to solidify your emotional state through the adoption and your well-being after the baby’s placement. 

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