Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt in Las Vegas? (and more FAQ)

By Ryan Yau

As a birth mother looking into adoption, you may be considering your options for your child’s adoptive family. Though you have questions about the process, you may be open to placing your child for adoption with a same-sex couple.

What is the Legality of Adoption by Same-Sex Couples in Nevada?

Same-sex couples are able to legally adopt in Nevada. There are certain qualifications, however. The couple has to either be registered as domestic partners in Nevada or be legally married anywhere in the US. But this means that it is possible for your child to be adopted by a same-sex couple.

Can I Specifically Choose to Place My Child for Adoption with Same-Sex Parents?

Yes, you would be able to specify that you would want your child’s adoptive parents to be same-sex. This would require that you opt for an open or semi-open adoption. In an open adoption, contact information is exchanged with the adoptive family. In a semi-open adoption, you receive updates about your child’s life. Both types of adoptions allow you to have control over who your child’s adoptive parents will be. Adoption Choices of Nevada can help you design an adoption plan and style that fits your needs.

Would it be Difficult to Find a Same-Sex Couple to Adopt My Child?

With Adoption Choices of Nevada, you would definitely be able to find a fitting couple with adoption agencies in Las Vegas. If you place your child for adoption, you will receive assistance to find the right family for your child. Therefore it should not be difficult to find a same-sex couple willing to adopt my child.

Would My Child be Raised in a Secure Home?

Adoption Choices of Nevada screens all families who are potential candidates to adopt your child. This would ensure that they are financially secure and able to commit to raising a child. Additionally, this also ensures that your child will be raised in a caring and safe environment. With Las Vegas adoption agencies, you would not have to worry about your child being placed in the wrong family.

What are the Benefits of Having Same-Sex Parents?

Your child being raised in an LGBTQ+ household would give them a more open understanding of love at an early age. This may mean your child will grow up more open-minded about relationships and love. Additionally, newer research finds that children raised by same-sex parents in some ways fare better than those with straight parents. However, these benefits are mostly marginal, and the primary benefit was shown to be greater tolerance for different sexual identities. However, if you still have concerns, it is mostly agreed that your child will not experience significant downsides from same-sex parenting.

Will My Child be Affected by Having Primary Role Models of the Same-Sex?

One reservation you may have is that your child will be raised by two fathers or two mothers. This may mean that they lack the influence of the mother-father dynamic. However, in many cases, it is unlikely your child will solely be raised by the parents. Other adults, such as teachers, relatives, and neighbors, can all serve as role models for your child. In an open adoption, you can even remain in your child’s life to act as an additional role model.

Will My Child Experience Social Stigma for Having Same-Sex Parents? Could This Negatively Affect Their Life?

It is possible that having same-sex parents leads to minor harassment of your child or, worse, discrimination. Though public perceptions of LGBTQ+ people are hopefully progressing, there is still a lot of bigotry in the world. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent your child from experiencing any of this. However, this will hopefully make your child a more tolerant person. This should not discourage you from seeking a same-sex couple to adopt your child.

Should I be Concerned about Placing My Child With a Family Different From My Own? Will I be able to Relate to My Child?

You may be scared that your child will be raised in a community different from your own. However, this is true of almost any adoption scenario. You will likely have some differences in identity and culture from any candidate to adopt your child. Being part of the LGBTQ+ community is just another form of that. This should not deter you from choosing families different from you for your child.

Why Should I Place My Child for Adoption with a Same-Sex Couple?

For same-sex couples, adoption is their only means of being able to raise a child, besides options like surrogacy. Your placing your child for adoption would give a couple a chance to start a family of their own. Ultimately adoption is a selfless act and will benefit whoever is lucky enough to receive your child.

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