Celebrating Birth Father’s Day and Father’s Day in an Adoption 

By Charley Lustig

Every father is important. Everyone should take the time to fully appreciate those fathers who choose adoption in Nevada. They expend great amounts of time and hard work on their journeys. As Father’s Day rolls around, Adoption Choices of Nevada wants to take some time to celebrate the birth and adoptive fathers!  

Celebrating the Birth Fathers in Adoption

Adoption is not an easy decision. It requires self-sacrifice in efforts to provide more for their child. In some cases, the birth fathers have taken every step with the birth mother. They have been responsible for not only supporting himself but her as well. He may have accompanied her to many doctor’s appointments, counseling, or even the birth of the baby. In addition, the birth father may have also had a role in choosing the adoptive family. His vision for the success of his child and dedication all contributed to the perfect adoption plan and family. 

Their presence and support isn’t the only gift they have given. Giving up a child for adoption requires the father to sign away his parental rights. Maybe he always wanted to be a parent, but he just wasn’t ready yet, isn’t financially stable, or going through some other hardship. By signing this paperwork, he is giving the adoptive family the ability to become the legal guardians of the child. This can be an emotional event. It is an unselfish sacrifice that should be looked at with admiration and appreciation. 

Father’s Day is for all birth fathers. There are so many reasons to celebrate them on this upcoming Father’s Day. Their role in giving life, supporting the birth mother, and choosing an adoptive family are just a few. Find a way to celebrate the biological fathers and reflect on their hard work that is so often overlooked. 

Celebrating the Adoptive Fathers in Adoption

One of the greatest impacts of adoption is the formation of a new father! Unfortunately, not all men who long to become fathers have the easiest journeys in doing so. Through adoption, men now have the ability to become what they may have only dreamed about- a father! 

Just like the adoption process of birth fathers, the journey toward being an adoptive father is not the easiest. They are making a lifelong commitment to guide, support, and love another being. Through this will come plenty of hardships. Adoptive fathers, like birth fathers, are making a sacrifice by placing someone else’s needs before theirs. They will always be there for the child in every way possible. Adoptive fathers are responsible for providing a roof, food, and endless opportunities. 

An adoptive father is more than someone that provides unconditional love and support. He is a role model for the child. With his example, he is raising the next generation to be confident, kind, and sympathetic. Adoptive fathers undergo the pressure that comes with parenthood which is a main factor in the child’s upbringing. 

This Father’s Day, be sure to take some time to appreciate all adoptive fathers. They have stepped up to the plate, filled with only the purest intentions. These men want the best for their adoptive children and should be recognized for all their perseverance. 

How to Celebrate Both Fathers this Father’s Day

Both birth fathers and adoptive fathers are significant in a child’s life and are deserving of recognition and appreciation. Remember, it takes a village to not only bring forth the miracle of life but to provide and raise for them. Together birth and adoptive fathers are able to give their child the best possible life through their own individual sacrifices.  

Based on the type of adoption, there are many ways to express your gratitude towards both fathers. Here are a few ways to show them this Father’s Day…

  • Write a Letter: Show your love through the power of words. Write a handwritten note that focuses on the impact they have made in your life. 
  • Spend Quality Time: If possible, make time to spend with the adoptive and/or birth father. Involve yourself in what they like to do, or treat them by doing something fun and spontaneous. 
  • Give a Gift: The gift of giving is a timeless way to show your appreciation. No matter if it is a homemade good or a thoughtful store-bought item, it’ll be sure to make them smile. 

Discover the love languages of the birth and adoptive fathers and speak to them in a way that matters. Form a tradition on Father’s Day that will leave both men feeling acknowledged and valued!

Adoption Choices of Nevada Supports Birth and Adoptive Fathers

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