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Celebrating Father’s Day and Birth Father’s Day

By Sarah Ford

Adoption will not always look the same and will be experienced differently for various people. For example, an adoption journey as a birth father may come with unique circumstances and struggles. When choosing adoption for your child as a birth father, resources and support programs from adoption agencies will be beneficial. This support will go beyond finding the right home for your child. For example, Father’s Day can be difficult for many people. As a birth father, you might be experiencing some complicated emotions as this holiday approaches. 

Feelings of grief, confusion, and more can characterize the post-adoption process. Father’s Day can be hard to navigate as birth fathers may experience hard feelings like this in their emotions. Information on emotional wellness can positively impact you after choosing adoption. There are adoption agencies in Las Vegas. They can help you honor your role as a birth father statewide. Whether you are a birth father or are seeking resources for a loved one, Adoption Choices of Nevada can help. 

Father’s Day from the Perspective of a Birth Father

Many people know Father’s Day as a day of joy and celebration. It can also be a day of sadness and challenges for various people in various circumstances, including fathers themselves. Birth fathers who have chosen adoption in Nevada for their child may face some complex emotions on this holiday. Some might want to celebrate this day or ignore it completely. You might feel bittersweet on Father’s Day as you reflect on your decision to provide your child with a loving home. 

Feelings like grief and guilt may seem unordinary to experience on a day like this one, especially as a birth father. In reality, this is a very normal feeling. When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you and your partner might think, “I am pregnant, now what?” Considering and choosing adoption can be a lengthy process that can last the rest of your life. 

Some may feel joy and excitement over this decision or sadness and grief. Adoption is full of complex emotions and can often be experienced with both joyfulness and mourning. Regardless of the circumstances that led you to adoption, Father’s Day can be a reminder of what you feel you have lost. This is what makes honoring your experience as a birth father so relevant. 

Honoring Father’s Day as a Birth Father in Nevada

Celebration does not have to look a certain way. You do not have to throw a party, but acknowledging and honoring your role as a birth father can be comforting. This day can be difficult to go through as you reflect on your adoption decision. The emotions and elements that come with choosing adoption can be overwhelming to process. Some birth fathers may participate in community support or receive personal support to navigate this day. Honoring this day and acknowledging your role as a birth father can be helpful when processing sentiments like grief or guilt.  

Although acknowledging Father’s Day as a birth father can be beneficial, maintaining respect for adoptive parents is vital. Some birth fathers may have chosen semi-open or open adoption for their child. If there are interactions between adoptive parents and birth parents on a day like this, respect and boundaries can be relevant. This can be an emotionally challenging time, making thoughtfulness in interactions between the two parties relevant. Though in different ways, the roles of both adoptive fathers and birth fathers can be acknowledged and respected. 

Support for Birth Fathers in Reno

An area of support during post-placement can come in the form of community. Even after choosing adoption, remaining feelings of chaos and disorder can exist in the lives of some birth fathers. Group activities and functions can be a healthy distraction that can ground you in the ones you love. Activities and acknowledgments that celebrate your decision to choose adoption for your child can also be validating. 

Support groups for birth fathers are sources of community with others who may be feeling similar to you. You can connect and learn from others as they share their emotional journey, struggles, and methods of coping with hard feelings. This can even be an opportunity to gain closure by sharing your journey. Group support and touching base with loved ones can significantly impact the emotional journey of anyone. 

Birth fathers might be looking for deeper meaning or support on this holiday. Challenging emotions can be overwhelming, and professional assistance and support can be beneficial. Some birth fathers find comfort in counseling as they can let some weight off of their shoulders. Some might also prefer talking to a licensed counselor that specializes in adoption. Regardless of where you are or what you need in your journey, Adoption Choices of Nevada is prepared to support you. We have resources for various support groups, licensed counseling, and more that can meet your needs. 

Celebrating Father’s Day with Adoption Choices of Nevada 

Celebrating Father’s Day will look different for birth fathers who have chosen adoption. This day can be filled with the support and care you may need. Some birth fathers can even find clarity and support in helping others navigate this day. Choosing a Nevada adoption for your child is not easy, and the difficulties will go beyond being faced with an unwanted pregnancy and choosing an adoptive family. 

Care from adoption agencies is not limited to choosing adoption and can happen post-placement. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we value your emotional wellness during each stage of your adoption process. Areas of support can even be part of forming an adoption plan. If you are a birth father seeking support after choosing adoption or are seeking further adoption info, we invite you to contact our caring team. We want to help you acknowledge and walk through every aspect of your adoption choice as a birth father.