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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Celebrating Mothers & Birth Mothers

By Patricia Arce

As we approach Mother’s Day, we at Adoption Choices of Nevada want to celebrate and honor birth mothers. Birth Mother’s Day comes a day before Mother’s Day and is a time to recognize the selfless act of birth mothers who choose adoption.  We understand the difficulty of putting your baby up for adoption, but that does not mean you will have to forget the strength you had during that time or be forgotten during the adoption process. We want to rejoice in our birth mothers’ choices and want to continue to advocate for their adoption process in Nevada.

The start of Birth Mother’s Day 

Though the specific origins of Birth Mother’s Day are unclear, the important part is that the day was chosen to provide solidarity, education, and compassion. It is said that a group of mothers in 1990 decided to take the opportunity to meet up the day before Mother’s Day to connect through their shared experiences. Since then, the meeting has become a recognized holiday every Saturday before Mother’s Day. The most important thing to know is that Birth Mother’s Day, much like Mother’s Day, is personalized to each mother. Adoption agencies encourage mothers and birth mothers to celebrate Birth Mother’s Day in unity, with the hope that it can be a time to rejoice in the life a birth mother has chosen to share with another family. This year, Birth Mother’s Day is on May 11, 2024.

How to Celebrate Birth Mother’s Day

While it’s easy to celebrate in similar, simple ways as Mother’s Day, with cards, flowers, and brunch, ultimately Birth, Mother’s Day is celebrated by embracing custom traditions. Traditions that cater to the birth mothers’ needs and experiences. For example, birth mothers who have chosen an open adoption plan may be able to share the holiday with the mother and the child placed for adoption. Expecting birth mothers can become at ease with their unplanned pregnancy by working through an adoption plan. Adoption agencies, like adoption agencies in Reno, allow birth mothers to communicate with adoptive families and work through future expectations and traditions. You can celebrate Birth Mother’s Day by:

  • Creating a Photobook

If you have opted for an open adoption plan, a photobook can be a special way to connect with your adopted child. You can watch the child grow and remember the significant role you played in their life.

  • Seeking out community 

You can find solace by speaking to and connecting to other birth mothers who have had a similar experience to you, openly discussing the strength you have each displayed through your adoption plans.

  • Planting a garden

If you have chosen a closed adoption, planting a garden could allow you to visualize the growth of your adopted child while remembering the deep roots of love you had at the start of their life. 

  • Write a letter

You, as a mother to a child of adoption, can write letters to your child’s birth mothers, or you, as a birth mother, can write letters to them. A letter is a great way to remind someone that you are thinking of them and appreciate the love and sacrifice they have displayed in your life.

The Harmony Between Birth Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day 

While unplanned pregnancies are scary, adoption agencies want to unify and destigmatize the experience. We at Adoption Choices of Nevada want birth mothers to understand their vital role in a children’s life when they choose adoption. You, as a birth mother, are a child of adoption’s first love, and you make the decision to put a baby up for adoption with love. Once you are able to recognize the complementary nature of a birth mother’s and a mother of adoption’s affection, you will be able to embrace all the beautiful aspects of Mother’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day.

The harmony of these days is found in the celebration of sacrifice in the pursuit of love. Birth Mother’s and Mother’s Day acknowledge the deep shared experience that is shared between a Birth mother and an adoptive mother.  It can be a cherished tradition between you and your adoptive family. It can be a supportive moment with other birth mothers. It’s up to you.

Birth Mother’s Day is more than just a day on the calendar. It is a wonderful way to acknowledge the love, strength, and sacrifice of birth mothers. As we seek to amplify your strengths, Adoption Choices of Nevada can help you through the adoption process, allowing you to find the right adoption plan and the right way to celebrate yourself as a birth mother on National Birth Mother’s Day this year on May 11, 2024.