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Celebrating National Son and Daughter Day with Nevada Adoption Agency

Did you know there is a whole day dedicated to celebrating your son or daughter? This year falls on August 11, 2021, and it is a day that we here at Adoption Choices of Nevada celebrate too. This is a day that can be celebrated no matter if you are a birth mother or are going through the process of adoption for your baby. As without you, there would be no one to celebrate. 

Just, why do we celebrate this holiday when technically at the agency we see so many people come through our doors?

When did This Holiday Begin?

The earliest known record of this holiday happening is bacon in 1936. A man by the name of J Henry Dusenberry had the idea for the holiday after a boy asked him why there was no day to celebrate the kids when moms and dads got one. Soon enough, he put the idea into action in his home state of Missouri, and it quickly spread. People would put flowers in a vase for each of the children in the home. When they would walk by, they would think about how much they loved and appreciated their children and remember those who had moved out.

Soon enough, the idea of the holiday spread, and the information was in 22 different states after 1936. Sadly the day hasn’t made it into the National Calendar as an official holiday. Today the holiday is still unofficial, but many people like to observe it.

The best part about this holiday is simple. You get to celebrate your child or children in a way that suits your family or situation.

How Can You Celebrate National Son and Daughter Day?

There are different ways for you to celebrate this holiday. Depending on where you are in your journey can really depend on how you react. For those who haven’t given birth, you could easily take the time to just think about your baby. Maybe if you feel up to it, get a gift for the potential adoptive parents to give to your son or daughter after they are born. You could also just talk with the potential adoptive parents and get to know them more. If you aren’t comfortable, take some time for yourself and just use that time for some self-care.

If you have given birth and it is soon after, you might still be grieving. That is perfectly okay, and nothing says you have to celebrate this holiday. If you feel up to it, you could do the original idea, put a flower in a vase and remember how much you love your child. You could write a letter to them, even if they never get to read it. What you can do really depends on what stage you are in with your healing. Don’t compromise your healing for this holiday, as you are important in this too.

If you and the adoptive family have an open adoption and feel like you are in a good place, you could try to meet up with them. Maybe go to a park, out to dinner, and just enjoy some time with your little one and their parents. If meeting up isn’t an option, maybe you could ask for pictures or even send pictures to the adoptive parents. Take some time to think about your baby and appreciate them. What you went through, and are going through, is difficult, and no one can say different. Adoption is hard.

Another fun way to celebrate is to bake if you enjoy baking. If you can’t be together in person, maybe try baking with them over a Zoom call. Even just making something together over a call can be fun. No matter what you do, just use the time to think about how amazing your child is and, while hard, appreciate that you gave them the chance to have opportunities that they not have had otherwise.

How Will You Celebrate National Son and Daughter Day?

No matter where you are on your journey, you can celebrate this holiday, and it doesn’t have to just be on holiday itself. It is just an extra chance to celebrate them. Here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we celebrate this holiday with you and other birth mothers because we know that while difficult, adoption is beautiful. If you need any suggestions or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experienced caseworkers.

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