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Choosing a Multiracial or Multicultural Adoptive Family in Reno

By Noah Abrams

Have you thought, “What does adoption for my baby look like?” or want to know more about adoption in Nevada? Being pregnant, adoption might be a scary thing to think about. If these are questions that crossed your mind, you are in the right place.

Adoption Choices of Nevada would be happy to assist you if you are contemplating adoption. An unplanned pregnancy can be stressful, so if you are considering adoption in Nevada, we are here to help. We can walk you through the process, help you create an adoption plan, and discuss your options. We also know the decision of choosing adoptive parents for your child can be difficult. Various factors must be considered. This includes the well-being of the child, emotional and parental support that will be given, and whether or not to choose open adoption.

One element that should be given thought to is race, and more specifically, a multicultural or transracial adoptive family. For any prospective birth parent considering adoption, there are reasons why choosing a family that is transracial is beneficial.

Though we encourage a transracial or multicultural adoption, race shouldn’t be the only aspect considered when choosing an adoptive family. The birth parent should reflect and think about the life that they would want their child to live. Sharing the same moral foundations and views on parental guidance should take precedence over differences in race or culture.

What is a Multicultural or Transracial Adoption?

A multicultural or transracial adoption is when a child is adopted into a family with racial and cultural backgrounds, not of their own. This could mean a white child being adopted into a black family, or a black child being adopted into a white family. Whatever the case, this variation of adoption blends different ethnicities, cultures, and overall perspectives of life.

Why Should I Consider a Transracial Adoption?

1. Learning from Different Cultural Backgrounds

Transracial adoption should be considered for a few different reasons. The first is the chance to learn about and from different racial or cultural backgrounds. This gives both the child and adoptive parent the chance to have a unique experience, appreciating each other’s respective way of life.

2. Becoming More Empathetic

The child will also learn how to be a more empathetic and accepting person. This happens because the child will be exposed to aspects of life they wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. When other views or opinions are presented to them, they won’t immediately resort to rejecting them. Instead, they will appreciate said views or opinions, even if they don’t completely agree with or understand them.

3. Eliminating Existing Stigmas Surrounding Racism

Lastly, it should be considered because it helps eliminate existing stigmas surrounding racism. This will show the child that people who differ can coexist and, in this case, be family. Also, seeing transracial families out in the world helps break the barriers that race presents in our society.

Challenges of a Transracial Adoption?

1. Social and Cultural Isolation

One may have reservations regarding a transracial adoption, as it may present different challenges. One of those is the social and cultural isolation of the child. The adoptive parents should embrace their child’s race and culture, as well as be surrounded by it. If possible, a continued relationship with their birth family can be very valuable. This will enable the child to foster their identity while not losing touch with their birth culture.

2. The Prevalence of Racism

Another challenge is the presence of racism. Though inevitable, adoptive parents must be willing to fight this battle with their adopted child. Ensuring comfortability for the child at home, at the very least, is key. It is important that the adoptive family take all necessary steps to make this happen.

3. Learning to Cope with Discrimination

Lastly, the ability to handle discrimination. The adoptive parents must be willing and able to show their child how to deal with racism. It’s still prevalent and will continue to be, so it is important that the child picks up different coping mechanisms. If this is done, the child will grow up knowing how to handle these situations the right way. It also may not affect the child as much if they are taught this at a young age.

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