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Choosing a Private Adoption in Las Vegas

By Miriam Fuller

Birth mothers who are in the process of learning how to put a child up for adoption often find themselves confused when it comes to specific adoption language, especially the adoption terms “public” and “private.” This confusion is only natural, as the misuse of adoption language is incredibly prevalent. However, understanding the differences between public and private adoption is incredibly important for birth mothers to find the support they need within adoption Las Vegas

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we want birth mothers to understand that they have power and that their choices matter. We strive to provide birth mothers with a clear understanding of adoption language and ensure that they are aware of their options so that they can make the best decisions for themselves and their baby.

Public vs Private Adoption

When discussing adoption, many people get the definitions of public, private, closed, and open adoption tangled. People tend to believe a private adoption is the same as a closed adoption, while a public adoption is another term for an open adoption. However, these four terms are not synonymous. Public and private adoption are the different processes of adoption. In contrast, open and closed adoption refers to the communication types within an adoption plan. Due to this common misunderstanding, it is vital for birth mothers to understand the difference between these terms.

  • Public: The phrase “public adoption” references situations in which the government removes a child from its home or birth mother because the child’s home life has been deemed unsafe for the child. The child is usually then placed in the foster care or adoption system. In the case of a public adoption, birth mothers are no longer allowed to choose an adoption plan or an adoptive family. 
  • Private: A private adoption is when a birth mother seeks out licensed adoption agencies to place her child for adoption. Unlike public adoptions, private adoptions give birth mothers full autonomy over the adoption process. Birth mothers work with their adoption agency to create and choose an adoption plan and adoptive family.

While it may be understandable to confuse adoption terms, public and private adoptions are drastically different. And unfortunately, the misuse of these terms often leads birth mothers to change how they approach adoption. Even though birth mothers involved in public adoptions are, unfortunately, often not given a choice, all birth mothers need to understand that private adoption is always an option. Choosing private adoption gives you, the birth mother, the support and power you deserve to build a bright future for your child.

The Benefits of a Private Adoption

Choosing a private adoption in Nevada gives birth mothers the power of choice. Private adoption agencies work with birth mothers to create a loving future for the child and a foundation of support for the mother. As a birth mother pursuing a private adoption in Nevada, you receive a multitude of adoption options and support throughout adoption Las Vegas. Your choices as a birth mother within a private adoption include, but are not limited to:

  • Choosing the Adoption Agency You Will Work With
  • Choosing the Type of Adoption You Want
  • Interviewing and Picking an Adoptive Family
  • Picking the Best Communication Plan For You (open, closed, or semi-open)

When you pursue a private adoption with Adoption Choices of Nevada, we provide birth mothers with additional personal benefits.

  • Financial Support for all eligible birth mothers
  • Free Counseling and Emotional Support
  • And the Ability to Create a Personalized Adoption Plan

Public adoption strips birth mothers of their right to choose within the adoption process. On the other hand, private adoption gives birth mothers total control of their adoption journey, placing the power with them. The ability of a birth mother to make her own decisions is the most significant benefit of private adoptions. However, private adoption does not have to mean a birth mother is alone. That is why adoption agencies provide them with support and guidance throughout their adoption journey. Private adoption provides birth mothers with the tools they need to ensure themselves and their child can have a beautiful future. 

The Power of Choosing a Private Adoption Agency

The power of choice is a right that humans across the world have fought for. Having autonomy over your life and your future is an impactful ability. When birth mothers have this power, their choice for adoption becomes one of empowerment. The path of adoption requires immense strength and often calls for loving encouragement. Private adoptions provide birth mothers with the support they need to be able to be confident in their adoption choices. We must uplift birth mothers in their right to choose so that they can build the best future for their child. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we want all birth mothers to understand the power of their decisions and to feel assured in their adoption plans.

We also understand that birth mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy, who might be worried about being a part of a public adoption, know that private adoption is still an option. If you are concerned about the potential of a public adoption affecting your adoption choices, you can pursue a private pregnant adoption so that you can remain in control of your child’s future. A birth mother’s decision to place her child for adoption is an act of incredible selflessness and love. Choosing adoption in Nevada is a powerfully brave act, and all birth mothers deserve to know that private adoptions protect their right to choose. 

Uplifting Birth Mothers and Their Right to Choose

Understanding adoption language and the difference between public and private adoptions can change how birth mothers pursue adoption. Once birth mothers understand the differences within the adoption process, they can make confident, well-informed decisions along their adoption journey. Throughout adoption Nevada, birth mothers must confront many tough choices within adoption. However, at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we understand how impactful their decisions are. We strive to empower birth mothers throughout their adoption process so that they can feel confident in the future they are creating for their child. 

If you are considering adoption and are seeking a private adoption agency to support you through the adoption process, contact us today.