Choosing a Single Man for Adoption in Las Vegas

By Jessica Exstrom

Pursuing adoption in Nevada is a process that involves a lot of decision-making. Choosing to place your child for adoption in the first place, deciding the type of adoption and adoptive family, and more are all involved in adoption. Specifically, choosing the family to place your baby in can be very stressful. There are several options that will be offered to you for this, including possibly a full family of parents and kids, one parent with one kid, or one parent with no kids. You may have the option of a single mom or even a single dad, an option many birth parents write off. Fortunately, single men can be just as qualified as anyone to adopt your baby. It’s important to consider every possibility and choose what will be best for your baby.

Choosing a Single Man for Adoption

Adoption is often traditionally thought of as having a man and a woman adopt a baby. This is totally okay and common, but single people can also make great adoptive parents, just as good as a couple. Even then, you may picture a traditional single mom who wants to adopt children, but single men want just as much. There has been a stigma around single men not being fit to be single parents, but times are changing, and it is now becoming accepted as normal (which it is). These traditional gender roles and expectations are slowly going away, and it’s now important to recognize and accept that single men are just as good of parents as single women.

Benefits of a Having a Single Adoptive Parent

Being a single parent of any nature is difficult. Carrying full responsibility for a child, including financial responsibility, can be tough and overwhelming at times. Trying to balance work and taking care of a baby is a real struggle, but this can happen to any type of parent, including single and married women. But there is adoption help available. Being a single dad doesn’t make him any less capable of balancing these responsibilities.

There are several reasons why you should consider having a single dad adopt your baby: 

1. He is qualified to adopt your baby by our standards

All potential parents endure an extensive background check and home visit to ensure they are qualified to take in and take care of their child. If a single man is an option for your baby’s adoption, you can count on him being able to.

2. There is more attention to give your baby than a married man

Of course, there are benefits to having a married couple adopt your baby, but a single parent can be even more beneficial in ways. As a single parent, he can give your baby a lot of attention, especially since there is no significant other to share that attention with.

3. Single parents are more stable than married parents

If your child is placed in a single-parent home, the situation of divorce won’t come up. This means your child is in a stable home with a parent that can fully care for them.

4. He is just as qualified as anyone else

As previously said, a single man can be just as qualified to raise a baby single as a single woman. The difference is gender, not ability. A single man can hold all the same qualities and attributes as a single woman and can be just as good as a couple.

Possible Cons With Choosing a Single Man for Adoption

With all good things, there are also bad things. Of course, there are flaws that can come with being a single dad or even just a single parent for Las Vegas adoption. Finances, for one, can be an issue. Balancing working and taking care of a baby will be difficult for the single parent, but that goes for any single parent. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that adoptive parents go through extensive checks to ensure they are fit to parent. Another issue may be issues that arise from a lack of inclusivity for single dads. There may be issues acquiring time off to take care of a newborn as a single dad. Companies and a large portion of society aren’t as accepting of single dads and their needs yet, and it can hurt your baby’s adoption. 

These issues are avoidable and can come with single dads, single moms, adoptive couples, and even biological parents. There will be roadblocks through any option in Nevada, but with persistence and preparation, any prospective parent can work through it and pursue adoption. Don’t let societal standards and traditional beliefs sway your decision to pick the right adoptive parent(s) for your baby. Single men are a good, valid option for your baby’s adoption!

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