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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Choosing a Single Woman to Adopt My Baby

By Shannon Reilly

When considering a Nevada adoption, you may be wondering what family will best raise your child. When researching adoption, you may search for adoption agency near me or Vegas Adoption. These are great ways to gain insight into the adoption process in Nevada. Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to help you through the ins and outs of the adoption process and explain why choosing a single Nevada woman to adopt your baby may be the right choice for you. 

How to put a child up for adoption

These steps are precisely what will happen if you decide adoption is the best choice for you and your unborn child. 

  • First, you will contact our Las Vegas office or our Reno office. Although we aim to help expectant mothers to choose adoption, we will also let you know about your other options. These options include parenting the child or terminating the pregnancy. 
  • Next, if you decide that adoption is the best choice. You will begin making your adoption plan with your birth parent counselor. This consists of choosing what type of adoption you would like to move forward with and choosing the adoptive family. 

The Different Types of Adoption 

Open adoption, where you will have direct contact and personal information shared with the adoptive parents. This contact will remain intact after the birth and after the adoption is finalized. Semi-open adoption is where you will have some contact and information shared, but not to the extent of open adoption. You will most likely communicate through a mediator with our agency and only be able to receive letters or photos after the birth and adoption finalization. Closed adoption is where there is absolutely no contact or personal information shared between either party. This remains the case during the pregnancy and after the birth and the adoption is finalized. 

Choosing a Single Woman to Adopt Your Child

Since this is also when you will begin reviewing adoptive parents for your unborn child, discussing why choosing a single Nevada woman to adopt your baby is as good a choice as an adoptive couple is a next step. The first reason is that your child will not be sharing time or attention that a woman with a spouse would be sharing between the two.

Giving The Child Their Undivided Attention

Your child will be getting undivided attention from a single mother as they are her first and main priority in her life. Next, there will only be one person parenting your child. This leads to not having differentiating parenting styles between a woman and her spouse while raising your child. This is a good thing for your child as they will not feel conflicted about who to listen to once they are old enough to do so. The third reason is that while single mothers give their undivided attention to their child, they will also be busy with other aspects of life.

Gaining Independence When Leading By Example

This gives your child the chance to become responsible and independent at a young age as they will be given an example of hard work and independence from their single mother. On to reason number four, your child will see that it is okay to reach out for help and support from the people in their lives with a single mother.

Just as Loving and Responsible as Other Adoptive Parents

The adoptive mother of your child is sure to have some type of support system who is there to help when the time comes, and this sets an excellent example for the child to do the same within their own lives. The last reason choosing a single woman to adopt your baby is a good idea is that they are just as loving and responsible as an adoptive couple. Just because a person is single, it does not mean they offer less love and support to a child than a couple. 

Choosing a Single Woman to Adopt Your Child

After deciding what type of adoption you would like to move forward with and reviewing and deciding on an adoptive parent or couple, you will simply wait until your child’s birth to legally finalize the adoption. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada is here for all of your needs, whether just talking about your options or choosing adoption as your endgame. If you would like to contact Adoption Choices of Nevada regarding your options and the adoption process, please do not hesitate to text, call, or email us.

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