Choosing Adoption When You Already Have Children

By Rose O’Connor 

When you are giving up a child for adoption, the process can seem overwhelming and stressful. Looking through the adoption process may leave you with questions that are in need of answers. That is why Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to guide you throughout your adoption journey! We are here to walk you through the steps one on one. You are in control of your own adoption journey with additional help from our adoption professionals. 

Choosing Adoption When You Already Have Children

You may be wondering if you can still choose adoption when you already have children. The answer is yes! The most common reason that birth mothers choose adoption when they already parent other children is the financial situation. Raising a family can cost a lot of money. Therefore, when you add another child to the family, it can add a great halt to your finances. Remember that adoption is completely free! And you will get all of the additional assistance that you need. 

Another common reason for choosing adoption when you already have children is minimal support. For example, a birth mother may be a single parent raising children by herself. Or, you may have other problems that cause the lack of support. When you work with adoption in Nevada, you can be assisted with finding options for pregnancy adoption help

Moreover, here are some more common questions that are asked and answered by us. 

How Can Choosing Adoption Impact My Family? 

This is a common question that is asked. Remember that it is normal to feel this way. In fact, it is more natural to think about the impact on your family and children when you are going through a situation. That is why when you work with Adoption Choices of Nevada, you will be rest assaulted that you are guided through this process. You will have all of your questions answered and your specific needs listed. Going through this will leave you with peace of mind that the process runs smoothly. Moreover, our adoption professionals will provide resources to further help you look for complex factors. And your family’s happiness is focused on when working with our professionals. 

What If There Is A Disagreement With Choosing Adoption? 

It is crucial to remember that the choice is yours and yours only! Yes, it can be challenging to see through the different perspectives of family members. But some of the main guidance that we ultimately provide is thorough communication. 

Additionally, for more of your own well-being, try to surround yourself with supporting individuals. When you surround yourself with those people, it can greatly impact how you view your situation. You make the choice that is best for you! When you choose adoption, you will be going through the steps anyways. So utilize this journey by surrounding yourself with supportive people! 

Is It Too Late To Choose Adoption For My Baby? 

No matter where you are in your pregnancy, it is important to still contact us about your decision! Our professionals will communicate with you about the circumstances. Additionally, our professionals will encourage you to develop your adoption plan. No matter what stage of your pregnancy you are in, we are ready to work with you! 

How Will I Support My Family When Going Through My Adoption Journey? 

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, your Adoption Specialist will work with you one on one to discuss your living expenses. Additionally, we can help you with applying for public support programs such as WIC and food stamps. We can assist you in determining if you are eligible for Medicaid to cover your medical expenses with the addition of affordable housing. We can also assist with transportation, maternity clothes, and other factors as well.

Working With Our Adoption Agencies

When you choose adoption in Las Vegas, you will be met with a licensed and local agency. We make sure that we provide professional and ethical adoption services. In addition, we offer post-placement counseling, financial assistance, and other support services. These services include:  

  • Pregnancy Expenses: Your Adoption Specialist will work with you one on one to develop a budget to cover the approved expenses. 
  • Medical Care: Good prenatal care includes lifestyle choices, diet, and regular doctor visits. Your Adoption Specialist will also assist you with finding prenatal care and your appointments.
  • Housing & Transport Assistance: Living expenses are allowed in Nevada within the state of the law. Therefore, we want to ensure that you feel secure and safe in your living situation. Your Adoption Specialist will help you with rent and utility assistance as well.
  • Support: Your Adoption Specialist will guide you every step of the way. Additionally, you will be provided with counseling and birth mother support groups as well. 

Our Adoption Agencies Are Ready To Work With You

When you choose adoption in Nevada, know that you are met with an agency that will work with you one on one. We make sure to provide all of the necessary resources that you need throughout your journey. Your adoption journey is unique and personalized to you! You are in control of this process. You get to outline your adoption plan with your Adoption Specialist while our adoption professionals handle the complicated steps for you. Choosing adoption for your baby means that you are giving them a loving and nurturing environment in the hands of your chosen adoptive family. Choosing adoption is not giving up! 

If you are a woman who is considering adoption, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!