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Choosing an Adoption Agency in Las Vegas

By Rose O’Connor

Adoption can be scary for a birth mother who is giving a baby up for adoption. When you choose adoption, many questions may occur while you are in the adoption process. That is why Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to provide you with many resources and answer as many questions as you have for us. So if you are a mother expecting an infant, know that you have options. One of them can be the adoption in Las Vegas

Having the right adoption agency can make a significant difference in your journey. And Adoption Choices of Nevada will make sure you have the one that is best for you and your child. 

What is an Adoption Agency?

An adoption agency is an organization that helps both the adoptive parents and the birth parents. They work with the adoption process, and they help with the matching process as well. They work with the birth parent(s) to help them find the matching process. The matching process will guide them through the choice of their adoptive family to put their child with. This will come up with all the different family profiles. 

In addition to this role, an adoption agency offers a variety of essential services. Some of the services you might benefit from are: 

  • Unplanned pregnancy help
  • Prenatal care
  • Help with pregnancy expenses
  • Housing and transportation resources 
  • Birth parent support 
  • Post-placement counseling and support groups

Types of Adoption Agencies:

There are private, local, and licensed agencies. 

Licensed Agency

Licensed agencies are required to investigate the background of the Adoptive Family’s home, also known as a “home study.” We want your child to be in a safe, stable, and loving environment, and we want you to be set with the family you are choosing to adopt your child. Having information about what goes on inside is more important rather than knowing the outside only. 

There are many benefits for licensed agencies. Licensed agencies are also in demand for supervising placement. Even though a licensed agency handles the legal work (similar to an adoption attorney), they provide support throughout the adoption placement. This is before, during, and after the process. It is also required by law to supervise the adoptive families’ post-placement of your child for a period of time. Through our post-adoption services, Adoption Choices of Nevada stays committed to you, your family, and your child. 

Private Adoption Agencies:

Though private adoption agencies can be more expensive than public adoption agencies. But they have many factors that may benefit you. For example, private adoption agencies help place baby for adoption in different ways from other agencies. 

These benefits include: covering the costs of medical expenses, adoption specialists, living expenses, and legal services. We especially provide special counseling services during and after the post-placement of your child. Another benefit is we offer flexible payment plans. If you are struggling with finances during this time, it is possible to receive assistance with those factors. We provide these additional resources because this process isn’t easy and can be overwhelming. Providing these benefits will help your journey run smoothly.

Local Adoption Agencies:

Local adoption agencies are a great resource for a very low cost or even free. It’s also cheaper than going through a private agency. This means that even after paying all of the necessary expenses, you will have some money left over. 

Additionally, We can meet face to face or via video/Zoom, based on your comfort level. Since we are an open-minded agency, we will walk you through your adoption plan and provide the necessary resources for you. 

When you are giving a baby up for adoption, you will no longer have parental responsibility for them. You will yield your parental rights, and they will be going to your child’s adoptive family. Once the adoption is finalized with an adoption order, the decisions are finalized and permanent. 

A drawback is that you might be wondering if there is more information to be provided, as public adoption agencies don’t provide the same support and counseling as private ones. These questions include: What happens to my newborn baby when they grow up and ask about their adoption? 

Choosing Adoption

Going through an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming and emotional when you are giving up a child for adoption. Know that giving your baby up for adoption does not make you any less than who you are. Know that you can provide your child with the best love and care with the right adoption plan and the right process. Working with Adoption Choices of Nevada will help you with your journey and will provide you with all of the support and help that you need. 

If you are a woman who wants to know more about the matching process with our agencies, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

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