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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Choosing an Adoptive Family in Reno

By Jordan Smith

If you are a woman and considering adoption, it is important for you to know what kind of adoptive family you’d like the baby to go to. Adoption Choices of Nevada is a proud and respected adoption agency, and we want to help you by providing families that best suit your needs.

There are many factors to consider when adopting. What type of adoption you want—closed, semi-open, or open. You can also choose a transracial, interstate, or LGBTQIA+ adoptive family.

What Should I Consider When Seeking an Adoptive Family?  

Open Adoption

An open adoption at Adoption Choices of Nevada allows between the birth mother, her child and the adoptive family. The benefit of open adoption is that you can maintain contact with the adoptive family after placement. Your adoption agreement will establish the level of communication as you begin the process.

Semi-Open Adoption  

Adoption Choices of Nevada offers what’s called semi-open adoption. This is for birth mothers who feel that a closed adoption is too restricting and open adoption is too nerve-wracking. During your adoption journey, we strive for you to feel as comfortable as possible. If you feel a closed or open adoption is too much, this is a good balance between the two. Our adoption specialist will be able to update you on the baby’s progress through their life with the adoptive family.

Closed Adoption   

Closed adoption is available for birth mothers who want no communication. Adoption Choices of Nevada takes your safety and decisions very seriously and will not pressure you into anything you do not want to do. We stand by your choices, the only information shared with a closed adoption is your medical history.

LGBTQIA+ Adoption  

Adoption Choices of Nevada will give you a wide variety of adoptive families to choose from, and LGBTQIA+ is one of those options. This is where the adoptive parents are same-sex. 

Transracial Adoption  

Transracial adoption is offered for birth parents to consider, and here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we find it a nice option. If your baby was to be born of one race, and the adoptive family you liked is a different race, then you can make the decision you see fit. 

Single Parent Adoption  

Single-parent adoptions are legal in all 50 states. Anyone wishing to adopt, who is married or not, has the right to adopt. The single parent will be fully responsible for the adoptive child in every way, just as a married couple would be. Single parents would be responsible for securing safe housing, financial security, etc., also like married couples would.

Interstate Adoption   

Adoption Choices of Nevada offers interstate adoption for those who wish to adopt outside of their home state. These adoptive parents would need to meet all requirements of the ICPC, and if these requirements are not met, the child will then stay in its birth state. The only way the interstate adoption happens is when everything is aligned, and the adoptive parents may stay in the adopted child’s state until the clearance is granted. 

What are the Steps in Choosing an Adoptive Family?  


The first step to finding adoptive parents is the matching process. Adoption Choices of Nevada maintains a database with susceptible adoptive parents that have been through the proper screening and steps with the state of Nevada. These adoptive parents are licensed through the state to adopt and will have been through all the necessary steps. 

Home Visit(s)  

Adoption Choices of Nevada conducts necessary home visits to our potential adoptive parents. Our highly trained staff will gather as much information about the adoptive family as necessary to get to know them better. 

Escrow Management   

Adoption Choices of Nevada will set you up with a third-party trust account to receive funds throughout the adoption process. These are to cover all funds for but not limited to, legal fees to retain an attorney and for any financial assistance you may need help with. 

The Matching Process, How Does That Work?  

When it comes to matching you with adoptive families, Adoption Choices of Nevada will help you wean down the list based on your perspectives. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada will help you every step of the way, beginning with your adoption plan. Throughout this process, your adoption counselor will get to know you better and, with your help, find the best adoptive family. We are here to guide you through the whole adoption process, providing you with support and guidance. To choose the best adoptive family, your counselor will break down the adoptive family list, depending on what you specifically want. 

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