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Choosing Open Adoption in Reno

By Connesha Chambers

 Finding yourself facing pregnancy, whether it is planned or unplanned, can be terrifying for many women. The fear that can accompany an unplanned pregnancy can lead you to search the internet for options for your unborn child’s future. Through this research, you will discover the option of a safe and healthy adoption. 

Searching through adoption agencies and what they offer can be both overwhelming and intimidating. Adoption Choices of Nevada has adoption specialists who are eager to make an intimidating process as simple as possible. We are prepared to answer any questions you may have regarding adoption and the various aspects of the process.  

Adoption Choices of Nevada has adoption specialists that will support you from the beginning of your journey as early as when you are first searching “how to put a baby up for adoption?” Our specialists aid you in creating your adoption plan after you’ve decided if adoption is the best option for you and your baby. In the hope of making your adoption as smooth as possible, we have broken the adoption process into six simple steps. This process is where you are presented with many choices over you and your baby’s adoption journey.

One of the first choices you will have while creating your adoption plan is the type of adoption you and your baby’s adoptive family will have. We offer you three types of adoption: semi-open, closed, or open. A semi-open adoption gives you periodical and limited communication. A closed open gives complete privacy and closure with no communication. An open adoption gives you communication with your baby’s adoptive family. 

What is Open Adoption?

Open adoption is the only type of adoption that supports constant communication with your baby’s adoptive family. Placing your baby with a loving and healthy family is setting your baby up for success. And with an open adoption, you’re keen to learn of your baby’s healthy being and accomplishments throughout their life. An open adoption can pertain to maintaining a varying degree of contact. The degree of communication between you and your baby’s adoptive family is determined by your personal adoption agreement. This agreement is created early in the process and is open to changes throughout time. 

Advantages of an Open Adoption

Open adoption is currently the most common type of adoptive relationship. Adoption agencies in Reno allow you and your baby’s adoptive family to share full names and maintain constant direct communication. Open adoption, as its focus on communication, brings along many advantages a closed or semi-open adoption may lack.

  • You will be available for any biological health questions later in life. This will allow further aid in the health of your baby. 
  • Having a constant source of updates on your baby’s adaptation to their adoptive family and environment throughout life may be able to ease any guilt you may have post-placement. 
  • Support from the adoptive family during both is commonly seen in an open adoption journey,
  • Your child will have the option of building their relationship with you later in age. Leaving this window open is not an option for a closed adoption as it does maintain full privacy. The reversal of a closed adoption after it has been set in place is relatively difficult. 

Disadvantages of an Open Adoption

As with any choice in life, an open adoption can come with disadvantages, though very few. 

  • There is a chance that you will not feel a complete sense of closure with the adoption process after placement with an open adoption. It is essential to know that Adoption Choices of Nevada offers counseling and support throughout your journey and after placement. 
  • Some mothers feel as if they’ve committed and are now obligated to keep the level of communication set. If you begin to feel pressured or overwhelmed, renegotiating what is a comfortable level of contact for all parties involved is an option.

Take The First Step to Start Your Adoption Journey!

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we believe that the first step can be as simple as gaining an understanding and asking questions. We begin our support of the first call. So, don’t hesitate to call us and allow us to help you to power over your adoption journey.