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Choosing Semi-Open Adoption in Reno

By Connesha Chambers

If you are currently experiencing a planned or unplanned pregnancy, you may find yourself searching for “how to put your baby up for adoption.” This is understandably a very terrifying course of thought. Understandably, doubts and fears can accompany considering adoption. Our adoption specialists here at Adoption Choices of Nevada know that mothers considering adoption want to ensure that their baby is raised in a stable and happy home. Throughout the process of creating your adoption plan, you will make many decisions. One of these decisions will be choosing the type of adoption that best suits you. 

What Are The Different Types of Adoptions?

Adoption Choices of Nevada is an adoption agency in Reno offering three types of adoptions.

  1. One of the types of adoptions available is called a closed adoption. A closed adoption allows neither you nor the adoptive family to communicate. It comes with total privacy and closure from the adoption process. This option is known to have a few disadvantages. The disadvantages of a closed adoption such as if the baby was to have any medical problems later in life. A lack of information about family history could hinder their further medical treatment or complicate it. 
  1. The second type of adoption is called an open adoption. This type of adoption can include varying degrees of communication. The form of communication between birth mothers and adoptive families adhere to is set while  you create your adoption plan. Choosing to have an open adoption is also commonly known to ease many fears you may be expecting to feel due to the level of communication between birth parents and the adoptive family. 
  1. A semi-open adoption is the third adoption type our adoption specialists offer. This option is a mixture of closed and open adoption. It provides a level of privacy like a closed adoption while also allowing you to have a level of communication after adoption placement. With a semi-open adoption, our adoption specialists will help you with maintaining communication between you and your baby’s adoptive family. The process will only involve non-identifying information to maintain a level of privacy. It is essential to know of the different options for the adoption process. The adoption specialists at Adoption Choices of Nevada are to help you make a well-informed decision. 

What Are the Advantages of a Semi-Open Adoption? 

A semi-open adoption comes with many advantages. This will allow you to maintain a connection. A semi-open adoption offers you a place to have ongoing contact and updates after your baby has been placed with their family while also protecting your privacy. Another advantage of this adoption type is that it offers you flexibility. The frequency and form of contact between you and your baby’s adoptive family can be tailored to your comfort level. You are also able to adjust this over time as you desire. 

Are There Disadvantages of a Semi-Open Adoption?

The adoption process can be consumed with doubts, fears, and questions. As with any option, choosing a semi-open adoption comes with disadvantages. A possible disadvantage is a potential temporary loss of communication. This can occur because the communication between you and the adoptive family is commonly transferred through an adoption specialist in order to keep the level of privacy. If your adoption specialist is unavailable to you all with this communication, a loss of contact can occur. This same scenario can also result in a loss of relationship between you and the adoptive family. 

Choosing Semi-Open Adoption and Seeking Professional Guidance

Our specialists are available to assist you throughout the adoption journey and after your baby has been placed with their adoptive family. This assistance includes emotional support. We know that the adoption process in Nevada and other states is an emotionally taxing process. We provide mothers with emotional support to help them navigate the complex feelings that come along with the adoption journey. 

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If you are currently facing pregnancy and are considering choosing any of the three types of adoption, we are here for you! Our adoption specialists at Adoption Choices of Nevada are available to answer any questions you may have. We are ready to walk you through the process of creating your adoption plan and assist you throughout the process.