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Common Misconceptions about Birth Mothers and Nevada Adoptions

Common Misconceptions about Birth Mothers and Nevada Adoptions

As a country, it can be easy for us to write off adoptions as something outside of ourselves. Looking away from adoption, believing it will never be a personal future of our own, can be really damaging to those who experience it. It can lead us to form opinions that don’t need to exist. What good is it to look at adoption at a distance? What misconceptions can come from a shallow viewpoint? Quite a lot, in fact. Not only can uninvolved people undermine adoptions but also birth mothers themselves. As overwhelming as the adoption process can be, if navigated without support, birth mothers can feel inadequate and shameful at times.

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, our goal is to uplift birth mothers during the adoption process and dissolve the misconceptions that can follow. Whether you’re involved with the adoption process or not, it is necessary to understand the common misconceptions about birth mothers and Nevada adoptions.

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Birth Mothers Still Love Their Children

The fact that a birth mother places her baby up for adoption does not mean she feels resentful towards him or her. If observed out of context, people can look at adoption as something tragic or unfortunate. While seeing your child off into the arms of another family can be difficult to face, a birth mother would be doing it out of love.

It is never pleasant for a birth mother to depart from her child after pregnancy. However, that does not mean there is a lack of love. Looking at adoption from a different angle, a birth mother is actually setting her baby up for a prosperous life. Taking a look at adoption as an act of love can make all the difference.

A Birth Mother Can Still Connect with Her Child

Adoption is never meant to separate a birth mother from her child as some kind of punishment. Instead, an adoption is meant to find a child a safe home and bring the birth mother to a sense of peace. Every adoption process eventually narrows down to a birth mother’s adoption plan to remain in contact with her child or not. The amount of contact a birth mother wishes to have with her child can vary, but she is never forbidden from communication. After all, she is the birth mother and the one who found her baby a new life.

If you are a current birth mother, pregnant woman, or outside observer, try to avoid treating adoption as a tragic ending or separation. A birth mother can remain involved with her child’s life. And if she doesn’t choose to stay in contact, then that is just as normal.

A Birth Mother is still a Mother

Just because an adopted child is raised by a different family, instead of his or her birth mother, doesn’t give anyone permission to undermine adoption as false parenthood. For both sides of the adoption, the adoptive family and birth mother are still parents. It can be easy for a birth mother to fall into a trap, thinking she is not an authentic parent. The fact that she no longer has custody of her child may leave her to her own form of guilt.

When working with Adoption Choices of Nevada, this is the last thing we want you or any birth mother to feel. It needs to be emphasized that birth mothers are still mothers. They may not have custody, but they were the ones who gave their children a chance to prosper in life. A mother would do anything to see her baby safely grow up, and that is exactly what birth mothers do for their children. If you’re a birth mother who’s feeling inadequate and guilty about your child’s adoption, please reach out to our adoption agency to receive words of affirmation and helpful resources for your healing.

Common Misconceptions about Birth Mothers and Nevada Adoptions – Do You Know Any?

With adoptions taking place all over the world, every day, it’s obvious that people trust it and understand the wonderful possibilities. However, there will always be misconceptions about anything good, especially with adoptions. Here, at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we remain adamant about helping birth mothers and bystanders look at adoption with grace. The joy of a baby finding a home should always be the face of every adoption.

What do you do to dissolve these misconceptions?

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