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Considering a Closed Adoption

By Brett Byll

There are plenty of choices to make when going ahead with the adoption process. This includes the style of adoption that you are going forward with. There are three main types of adoptions: open, semi-open, and closed adoption. Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to help you choose the best way to handle an unplanned pregnancy. Here, the agency will help you understand the many benefits of choosing an open adoption. Adoption Choices of Nevada will also explain why so many birth mothers prefer open to closed adoptions.

Negotiating how involved a birth mother will be in a baby’s life during the adoption process can be tough. This process calls for knowledge of Nevada adoption laws and clear communication. As mothers get in touch with the adoptive family, they become more familiar with each other’s personal boundaries. They also get a better understanding of what the law allows in each step of the process. Adoption Choices of Nevada can set you up with an adoption specialist, a representative who understands your and your baby’s needs.

What is a Closed Adoption? 

The adoption process comes with its difficulties, and Adoption Choices of Nevada works hard to minimize these aspects. The first hurdle may be simply fully understanding how to put a baby up for adoption. After that comes selecting how the process is handled. One method is closed adoption. 

Closed adoptions restrict communication for the sake of privacy. In a closed adoption, the birth mother will not share her full name or be given the full name of the adoptive parents. The only information that is shared is the family medical history. This option is meant to ensure closure and privacy.

What are the Advantages of a Closed Adoption?

Closed adoption is for birth mothers who want to prioritize their privacy and desire no further contact after the selection has been made. This choice is especially for mothers who may not want to be involved with the child or parents after making their decision. Although this style may be helpful to some, it is also a definitive way of ending involvement.

What are the Disadvantages of a Closed Adoption?

Closed adoption is beneficial for some but puts a heavy emphasis on privacy without considering much else. With a closed adoption, a birth mother cannot follow up and learn about their child’s development. In the scenario that the child needs surgery like a kidney transplant, they may need to contact their birth mothers. Simply having more information available may end up helping a child. This is one of several reasons open adoption is preferred.

What is an Open Adoption?

There is another method that offers varying levels of privacy. Open adoption allows the birth mother to be involved in the process. This ultimately provides a better opportunity for the adoptee to receive support by having more people to rely on. The birth mother does not have to be involved in the adoptee’s life, even if the adoption is open, but with this option, the decision is possible.

Open adoptions allow mothers more choice in how they want to interact after a placement has been made. A mother choosing open adoption may value the ability to communicate with adoptive families. The opportunity to check in and evaluate the situation and people welcoming your child may provide an added level of comfort. 

Why Consider Open Adoption?

All choices in the adoption process are valid. That being said, there are many reasons that a birth mother may prefer some form of open adoption. Birth mothers may prefer open adoption for a multitude of reasons. The nature of this process is decided at the start. Because of this, it is important that birth mothers are well-researched on what they want to get out of their adoption journey. 

  • Birth mothers looking for an open adoption tend to want to be informed.
    • The opportunity to stay updated on how the way that the process is being handled can be an important deciding factor. 
    • If a birth mother chooses this, they can receive updates in multiple ways.
    •  Birth mothers could share letters and pictures. This can be through physical correspondence, or the use of social media applications. 
    • Birth mothers may be excited at the opportunity to arrange occasional visits. This is a unique privilege that is facilitated through open adoption arrangements.
  • While birth mothers may value their own privacy and choose a closed adoption, there is no way to stay in touch.
    • Compared to an open adoption, some may find this more limiting. 
    • Contact can be important in the future, especially if the birth child faces medical issues and needs context for their medical history. The ability to contact a birth mother down the road may ensure the health of the child for as long as they need it. 
  • Adoptees may get curious and want to know who their birth parents are.
    •  Choosing a closed adoption severs this relationship early. 
    • It may be possible to get a closed adoption reversed, but it is significantly less simple than keeping the window of opportunity open from the beginning. This is why some mothers look into getting a semi-open adoption. 

Contact Adoption Choices of Nevada!

You may find the adoption process taxing. This is why it is so important to help birth mothers choose what is right for them from the beginning. Birth parents may want to learn more about how Adoption Choices of Nevada can help take care of you and your child. If community is important to you, you can join support groups that Adoption Choices of Nevada will help you find.

There, you can get to know other birth mothers tackling the process, which may help you make decisions. There are many choices to make based on the type of process you want. Some may want the privacy-heavy closed adoption for closure. Some may want to pick a form of open adoption so they can stay involved in ensuring the best future for their child. By contacting Adoption Choices of Nevada, you can pick the best adoption plan possible.