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Coordinating Post-Placement Communication Plans for Your Open Adoption

By Miriam Fuller

When learning how to put a baby up for adoption after an unplanned pregnancy, many birth parents worry about the future home their child will grow up in. This natural anxiety often leads birth parents to choose an open adoption. However, after choosing an open adoption, birth parents struggle with knowing how to build a beneficial post-placement communication plan. This struggle is why adoption agencies are here to guide birth parents in creating their ideal communication plan throughout their adoption process. Working with adoption agencies and adoptive families is the key to ensuring your adoption in Nevada is one of love and joy, even after placement. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada strives to place the health and happiness of our birth parents first. We fight to make the adoption process in Nevada smooth and filled with encouragement. We provide birth parents with personalized adoption plans, free counseling, and essential adoption care.

The Value of Post-Placement Communication Within Adoption

While multiple benefits are involved with choosing an open adoption, the most valuable is post-placement communication. Post-placement communication, in whatever form, helps to protect the minds and hearts of birth parents, adoptive parents, and the child. Open adoption allows for essential bonds and relationships to stay intact, letting the members of adoption feel confident in their lives moving forward.  Post-placement communication is the key to ensuring both you and your child feel secure post-adoption. Remaining a part of your child’s life, even in the smallest amounts, is the true value of post-placement communication as it helps them to see the loving choice of adoption. 

When you build a post-placement communication plan with your chosen adoptive family, you are not only helping protect your heart but the heart of your child. Post-placement communication is not just a way to build a bridge between birth and adoptive families. At its core, post-placement communication is a way to ensure your child has a sense of belonging and understands the deep love you have for them. The connection that post-placement communication builds between you and your child is where the true value of open adoption lies. While creating a communication plan may seem daunting at first, it is important to remember that post-placement communication is in place to uplift and care for your child beyond their adoption. So when building your personal post-placement communication plan remember that no matter how small, your communication and presence are beautifully impactful. 

6 Post-Placement Communication Types for an Open Adoption

One of the most beneficial elements of post-placement communication plans is their versatility. Many birth parents worry about not being able to control the frequency or type of communication they have with their child and their adoptive family. However, post-placement communication plans allow birth parents to pick and choose what they want. While there are a multitude of post-placement communication options, here are six of the most common types:

  1. Phone calls 
  2. Video chats
  3. Sharing Photos and Videos
  4. Emails 
  5. Letters 
  6. In-person Visits

Even though these six communication types are common choices for birth parents, there are endless types to choose from. Post-placement communication plans are meant to be flexible, allowing birth parents to build a plan that works best for them. Whether you have concerns with personal privacy or your child’s well-being, your post-placement communication plan should soothe your post-adoption concerns. While it may be overwhelming to begin building your post-placement communication plan, remember, you have the power of choice. The personalization of post-placement communication will allow you to curate the future bond you share with your child. Post-placement communication plans are on your side, letting you feel confident in your future post-adoption. So when you are working with your adoption agency and adoptive family to build your plan, select the ideal communication type for you. 

Keeping a Beneficial Relationship with Adoptive Families

Even though post-placement communication plans carry large benefits for adopted children and their birth parents, they are unsustainable without the adoptive family. Having a healthy relationship with your chosen adoptive family is what ensures your communication plan remains beneficial to you and your child. One of the essential steps in fostering a healthy, beneficial relationship between yourself and the adoptive family is utilizing your adoption agency. Allowing your agency to be the mediator between you and your adoptive family will help keep your communication plan healthy. A mediator helps with decision-making, disputes, and reevaluations related to your post-placement communication plan, making the process easier for all parties. In addition, if you ever feel your post-placement communication type needs to be adjusted, your adoption agency can help build a new plan. Your adoption agency is your guide between planning your communication plan and ensuring it remains positive for all parties. 

While your adoption agency is pivotal in helping you maintain a beneficial post-placement communication plan, they are not the only ones. Mutual respect is the true element in fostering a healthy relationship between you and the adoptive family. Respecting the boundaries of each other, understanding the needs of your child, and working together are the keys to a beneficial relationship. Post-placement communication plans are nothing without mutual respect for each person involved, whether that be yourself, your child, or the adoptive family. Navigating post-adoption life and relationships can be challenging, but with respect for one another, you are sure to flourish. Maintaining a beneficial communication plan and relationships begins with working together with respect and admiration. Utilize the tool of your adoption agency and move forward with empathetic respect, and your post-placement communication plan will be beneficially bountiful.

Adoption Choices of Nevada and Communication Plans

Adoption Choices of Nevada knows that navigating post-placement communication plans can be challenging. We strive to help our birth parents create their ideal plan and create lasting bonds with their child and adoptive family. Adoption Choices of Nevada knows that despite the potential challenge of communication plans, they are tools for creating beautiful and bright futures post-adoption. With respect, love, and care, we are confident your post-placement communication plan will uplift you to create lasting beneficial bonds for everyone within your adoption. 

If you have been looking for adoption agencies in Reno to assist with your adoption, Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to help with open arms. We offer 24-hour care and personalized adoption plans to ensure your adoption journey is proudly yours. Contact us today to learn how we can help you in your adoption process. Adoption Choices is honored to be on your journey!