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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Coping After Giving Your Baby Up For Adoption

By Mackenzie Sutton

After giving your baby up for adoption, you may soon experience an overwhelming feeling of guilt or uncertainty. You may be confused as to why you feel this way. After all, you know you made the right decision for yourself and your baby, yet you still feel guilt over your decision. Please understand that it is normal to have these complex emotions after you place your baby up for adoption.

Learning how to cope with placing your baby up for adoption takes patience. However, knowing how to manage your feelings will make the adoption process much more noticeable.

The Adoption Choices of Nevada are here to support and help you find ways to accept the decision to place your baby up for adoption. Here are three steps to help you cope with choosing adoption.

3 Healthy Steps for Coping After Giving Your Baby Up For Adoption

Step One: Identify & Understand How You’re Feeling

The pain that stems from placing your child up for adoption is an overwhelming feeling. Feelings and emotions show up in various ways, depending on the person. Ignoring your feelings will only make the process worse. To begin your healing process, you must take time to process your own emotions. It would help if you remembered giving up a child for adoption takes a lot of courage and bravery. However, you have to remember it is ultimately for the better of both you and your baby. Learning to manage these feelings is not a process that will be easy to fix overnight, but that’s okay. It is okay if you grieve for a long time. Your feelings are valid. Grief does not have a time limit.

Whether you’re feeling anger, sadness, or guilt, remember that you did not make the wrong decision. Don’t be afraid to express these emotions, as they are all part of the healing process.

If you find yourself struggling, it is crucial that you remember your reasons for placing your child up for adoption. You’ve weighed out your options and realized that you want to put your child up for adoption. Knowing your reasons will help you reach acceptance. For some, you may not have been able to financially, mentally, and emotionally support a child. Or, maybe you know that you weren’t in the right headspace to take care of your child correctly. No matter the reason, you made a courageous decision that will result in a better life for your child.

Step Two: Talk With A Loved One Or Consider Counseling

Though you are grieving at your own pace, it is essential to know that you don’t have to go through this journey alone. Consider talking out your feelings to someone close to you, whether they are a family member, friend, or romantic partner. People are willing to listen to your emotions. This step is a crucial step to becoming acceptant of your decision to choose adoption.

In addition to talking to close ones, it can be helpful to speak to those who have been in the same situation as you have.

Alongside speaking to loved ones or other mothers, we must acknowledge that not everyone has people who are close to them. If this issue is the case for you, consider counseling support from Adoption Choices of Nevada or Adoption in Las Vegas if you live in the Las Vegas area. Our adoption agency is here to support you as we offer counseling and support at no expense, whether you are a Vegas or Reno local.

Step Three: Find Yourself & Focus On Yourself

The aftermath of emotions after placing a child in adoption can be pretty overwhelming and cause you to lose yourself. This feeling is normal. While grieving, making time for yourself and the things that you enjoy is vital. Remember that it is okay to spoil yourself and enjoy your time. After all, you are a hero for making such a tough decision!

Take this time to start pursuing hobbies that you like or have always wanted to do. Start hanging out with friends or connect with new people. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, please go out and enjoy it. Focus on making yourself much stronger than you were before!

Practice self-care because it is a healthy way to help you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Give yourself rest when you feel like you need a break. Don’t force yourself to make any big life decisions until you feel as if you’re ready. Get your health in check by going to routine doctor and dentist appointments. Take warm baths. Just release any emotions that you have. All of these will help aid the healing process. It just takes time to find yourself all over again, and it’ll be worth it in the end!

Moving Forward With Your Adoption Journey

Understanding yourself and your emotions after adoption will be a journey that’ll stick with you for a lifetime. The healing process will look different for everyone as there is no set way one should feel about placing a child up for adoption. Don’t be afraid to express all of your emotions, as it is perfectly normal to have a range of different feelings.

With some time, patience, and dedication, everything will be fine. You are not alone. Please make sure to take advantage of our resources! We are here for you.

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