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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Counseling After The Adoption Process 

By Mohammed Ahmad

Adoption is no easy process. It takes a lot of thought and mind to decide whether or not adoption is the right thing for you. You may have difficulty deciding whether or not this is the best choice for your child. If you are thinking about adoption, it is important to use your time to acquire as much research as possible. The adoption process is intended to be long and filled with many steps to ensure it is the perfect fit. We want you, as the birth mother, to feel entirely comfortable with the process. You may have worries or wonders about whether you will ever see your child again. This is normal; the good news is you may have that option. 

Your local adoption agencies in Adoption Choices of Nevada are here to benefit you and provide you with a wide range of resources. If you are alone in this or are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, there are countless resources given to you. One of the most significant and essential resources is the use of counseling. We want you to feel seen and heard. Your thoughts and emotions matter to us.

Most importantly, keeping up with your mental health and checking in on yourself is crucial. It is okay to feel emotions of sadness, fear, or confusion. The adoption process may seem daunting sometimes. You want what’s best for your baby. At the same time, giving up your child is not an easy choice to make. Finding a family for your child is your most selfless decision. You may benefit from the counseling services provided to you. This journey can feel lonely, and we at Adoption Choices of Nevada are here to help you. 

The Adoption Journey for Adoptive Parents 

It all begins with contacting Adoption Choices of Nevada. These adoptive parents will call their local adoption agencies in search of children for adoption. Adoptive parents considering adoption will then complete an application for the agency. This application expresses total commitment to the adoption process. It also initiates the adoption journey for both you and the adoptive family. According to Nevada law, a home study must occur once the adoption begins. This includes multiple home visits, interviews, and background checks. This usually takes about two months to be completed. 

The next step for the adoptive parents is to create a profile for themselves for you, the birth mother. This process will help you decide what family is best for your child. This portfolio contains information and pictures of the adoptive family. It also may include stories and history regarding how they met and why they would like to adopt. 

Adoptive parents are then also given information about birth mothers. Your information will be sent to them, and they will choose if they’d like to meet you. If the family decides they want to choose your child to adopt, then comes the final step. Adoption Choices of Nevada ensures that there is strong communication once two families are selected. There may be Skype or video calls held during your pregnancy. This helps adoptive parents get to know you better and help support your pregnancy journey. 

As you reach your delivery date, there is the post-adoption placement decision. You decide whether or not you and the adoptive parents want an open, private, or semi-open adoption. This determines your future communication with your child. It also will dictate whether you will meet the adoptive parents. Both parties mutually agree on all of these choices. 

The Adoption Journey for Birth Mothers

You call the shots and decide what you want for your child. Regardless of what you went through, whether this was an unplanned pregnancy or not, you get to decide what goes. The only way we move on with the process is if you are on board with everything. It all begins with you contacting Adoption Choices of Nevada today. They will immediately inform you about the adoption process in Nevada. Many staff members will discuss the possibility of an adoption plan. This helps you gain clarity as to whether or not this decision is best. 

The best part of the process is meeting with our adoption staff. Their work is designed to benefit you and provide you with imminent resources. You can sit with staff and discuss a detailed adoption plan. The adoption plan will contain details about what you seek in an adoptive family. It will also include information about open adoptions and private adoption in Reno. 

Your discussions with the staff will also help us determine if you need our help. The help that is provided is mainly financial assistance, living situations, and transportation. We may also help with medical expenses and provide insurance. Adoption Choices of Nevada has connections to excellent housing facilities and WIC benefits that birth mothers must be eligible for. 

Once we have decided what is best, we must narrow down the potential adoptive parents. You will choose who you think is the best adoptive family for your baby. As mentioned before, we will then decide on post-placement adoption plans. Both parties will agree upon an open or private adoption. 

This journey is a huge one. Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to help you. We want the best future for you and your child. Call us today, and let’s begin your adoption journey!