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Decline an Adoptive Parent Match? Here’s Why Birth Parents Decline a Match in Las Vegas

By Mackenzie Sutton

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you’ll have to choose from many possible options. Deciding who will be the family raising your child can be one of the most challenging decisions to make. We understand how nervous this decision can be. Adoption Choices of Nevada will break down a list of common reasons birth mothers decline an adoptive parent match.

Placing your baby for adoption is not easy; however, birth parents choose it for a good reason. Many parents struggle with giving up a child for adoption because they aren’t sure if their cause is “acceptable” enough. Allowing someone else to raise your baby can sometimes be emotionally stressful. However, know that choosing adoption is a decision coming out of love and concern for your child. 

5 Reasons Birth Parents Decline a Match in Las Vegas

1. The Level of Openness in the Adoption

One prevalent reason you may decline a parent match is that the adoptive family may prefer a different level of openness compared to you. When you create an adoption plan, you choose the form of adoption you want. This includes open, semi-open, or closed adoption. Open adoption allows for a birth parent to have a level of communication regarding the child. 

You must choose a family you can agree on when determining the level of openness. Choosing the level of openness of your choice will put your mind at ease and make you feel comfortable with your decision.

2. You May Not Agree With The Parenting Style of the Adoptive Parent Match

The way a child is raised will be different in every home if you envision your baby living in a household a certain way, finding a family that parents the way you’d wish is best. Understanding and clearly defining the parenting style you’d hope to see your child living under is essential when working with the local adoption agency. When discussing with the parent match, you can listen to their answer and accept or decline that match based on what they say.

3. You May Be Particular On The Type Of Adoptive Parents Raising Your Child

In our world today, a household looks very different compared to how it did time ago. Some parents prefer their children to be raised in a more traditional home. Others will be perfectly fine allowing their child to be placed with a same-sex couple! It is all up to your personal preference. 

4. The Environment Isn’t Where You’d Want Your Child Raised

Some birth parents would prefer their child to go to a family that shares the same values as you. Another big reason is you may like that your baby is raised in a more diverse area which will allow them to meet people of different cultures. Pay attention to this aspect of the adoptive parent matching.

5. The Adoptive Parents May Have Pets

A birth mother may decline a parent match because the family has pets. Suppose your child has an allergy to pets. In that case, it will make sense to keep them in a home that is pet free for their safety! Pet allergies are sometimes serious. They can cause severe reactions, so it is essential to consider details like this when choosing a home.

The Adoption and Parent Matching Process in Nevada

Understanding the process of adoption in Las Vegas is key to a successful adoption journey!

If you decide to place your baby up for adoption, we do our best to guide you through the adoption process. Our goal is to provide birth parents with any unwanted pregnancy options. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, your adoption plan will include:

  1. Contact us at 855-940-4673 to discuss adoption and possibly placing your baby up for adoption.
  2. Speaking with one of our adoption counselors to decide whether or not adoption is the right choice for you.
  3. Creating your adoption plan in which you decide what assistance you need, the type of adoption you prefer, and your adoptive family preferences. 
  4. Choosing the adoptive family your baby will go to.
  5. Finalize your adoption plan. We will make sure you receive the proper medical care throughout your pregnancy.
  6. Support and counseling after the adoption has been finalized and your baby is with their adoptive family.

When choosing the adoptive parents, your adoption caseworker will show you a list of potential adoptive families. When reviewing families, you will receive essential details about the families ranging from family history, interests, parenting styles, careers, photos, etc. 

Once you decide, your caseworker will plan a meeting with the family. The meeting will allow you to discuss the information further. The discussion will comfort you, knowing how your baby will be raised.

As the birth mother, your goal is to make the right choice for you and your baby. If you are seeking more guidance about unwanted pregnancy options, feel free to reach out. 

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