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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

What is the difference between a birth mother and an adoptive mother? 

By Allie Nowak

In light of Mother’s Day, Adoption Choices of Nevada wants to show their appreciation for every kind of mother. We realize not every mother-and-child relationship looks the same, especially when it comes to adoption. Being pregnant, giving birth, and raising a child as a mother are not simple tasks. However, no matter if you birthed your child or adopted them, you still deserve to be celebrated in every way! This article will explain the difference between a birth mother and an adoptive mother.

What is an expectant mother?

An expectant mother is simply a woman who is expecting a child, or in other words, is pregnant. This term can be used throughout pregnancy. It also applies to pregnant women keeping their child or placing their child up for a Vegas adoption. This is a more respectful term than just calling someone a pregnant woman. However, if you are ever in doubt, it’s okay to ask the woman what they would like to be referred to as. 

What is a birth mother? 

A birth mother is a woman biologically related to the child and has given birth to them. Often, a woman has decided to go through with the adoption process. They will be referred to as the birth mother. This can also be a clear distinction to the child as they grow up who their birth mother is vs. their adoptive mother. Even if a woman decides to have no parental responsibility for them, they would still be considered the birth mother. 

What is an adoptive mother?

An adoptive mother is a woman who adopts a baby and is not their biological mother. This distinction is often only needed for legalities or if you are explaining the child’s adoption story to someone. Otherwise, it is typical that a woman who adopts a baby simply wants to be referred to as the child’s mother, without the emphasis that they were adopted. 

How can you show your appreciation this Mother’s Day? 

Showing love and appreciation for the motherly figure in your life can come in many forms. Simple things like flowers, jewelry, going out for brunch, a spa day, or doing an activity they enjoy are always great. If money is tight and you are looking for a budget-friendly option, a hand-written letter, framed picture, breakfast in bed, or even asking if they want to go for a walk outside are all kind gestures as well. If you are not near your mother this year, call them and tell them how much you appreciate and love them. Sometimes, kind words make a significant impact as well. Let your mother know that everything they do does not go unnoticed and that you are extremely thankful for them. 

Celebrating Birth Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day

Regardless of whether you are just finding out you are expecting a child, have given birth to a baby that you have put up for adoption, or are not a biological mother to a child, there should always be equal respect and appreciation.

Carrying a baby for nine months, giving birth, and raising a child are all extremely challenging whether you did all three things or just one. A woman is not any less of a mother just because she did not physically give birth to the child. Motherly figures come in many unique shapes or forms.

For some of us, our mother is the woman who birthed us and raised us. For others, it’s an aunt, grandma, older sister, or adoptive woman who showed care and unconditional love. No matter who you view as your motherly figure in your life, take time to celebrate them and show your appreciation this Mother’s Day. 

Our website offers more information, blogs, testimonials, and contact information to get in touch with adoptive representatives today. To all expectant, birth, and adoptive mothers, Adoption Choices of Nevada wishes you a happy Mother’s Day! 

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