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Effect of Roe v Wade Overturn on Adoption in Nevada

By River Jean-Noel

On June 22,2022, Roe v Wade, a major Supreme Court ruling that upheld a woman’s right to an abortion, was overturned. This decision effectively gave states the ability to pass anti abortion laws criminalizing doctors who would otherwise provide that form of healthcare. This article will explore the effect of Roe v Wade overturn on adoption in Nevada.

Before Roe v Wade was overturned, women had three accessible real choices when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Those options were abortion, adoption, and raising the baby. Now that abortion is no longer a relatively accessible option for a lot of women dealing with unexpected pregnancy, many wonder if adoption rates will be affected. If you are curious to find out what effect the recent Roe v Wade ruling may have on adoption, continue reading. Today we’ll discuss whether adoption rates have increased, the discussion around adoption as a replacement for abortion, and what to do if you need help with adoption in Reno, Nevada.

Have Adoption Rates Increased in Nevada?

Possible Effect of Roe v Wade Overturn on Adoption in Nevada?

Many people believed that once abortion was off the table, women would turn to adoption as a solution for their unplanned pregnancy. As it’s only been a year since the ruling, there hasn’t been enough time to collect substantial data to draw a conclusion on a change in the trend. Since states have the right to create their own legislation around this issue, some states have already implemented anti abortion laws, while others have remained protective of this form of healthcare.

The state of Nevada falls into the latter category. In Nevada, abortion still remains a  safe and accessible option for an unexpected pregnancy. Adoption Choices of Nevada can help a birth mother consider all the different aspects of the three options, and adoption counselors can review her situation and all the services the agency can offer.

Does Adoption Replace Abortion as an Option?

Possible Effect of Roe v Wade Overturn on Adoption in Nevada?

Even with anti-abortion legislation becoming more prevalent in many states across the country, adoption does not become a replacement for abortion. Still a choice a birth mother can make, adoption is very difficult and causes a lot of emotional burden on the mother.

Adoption is a very brave choice that a birth mother can make due to the emotional stress that she goes through when making the decision. In some ways, for some people, adoption can be an even harder decision to make than terminating a pregnancy. One way to look at it is, when women choose adoption, they go through the entire pregnancy and delivery process, only to relinquish their child to someone else. It can be very emotionally traumatizing, especially due to the hormonal changes a woman goes through while pregnant. It can be extremely heartbreaking to part with a baby you’ve just given birth too, even if you planned to do it.

Also, in many cultures, adoption carries a negative connotation and is discouraged. Due to this, some women would rather carry the baby and raise their child than to “give the baby up for adoption” especially due to familial pressures. Some birth mothers may be pressured into just raising their child since they already carried the child the entire pregnancy. It can also be discouraged due to fears of not wanting to send their baby into a situation they feel is unknown, to people they don’t know, as there can be misconceptions and lack of knowledge around the adoption process. In reality, if a woman does choose to create an adoption plan, she has the choice of whether to pick an open adoption, semi-open, or closed adoption. This means that the mother has a choice of how close she is with the adoptive parents. There are benefits of open adoption for women who may be fearful of not knowing who will parent her child, and adoption counselors can review all the pros of this option.

With these perspectives in mind however, it is important to make a clear distinction between adoption and abortion. Recognize that adoption is not a replacement for an abortion, as adoption has its own brand of emotional burden and effects on a birth mother.

What Should I Do If I Need Real Choices for Adoption in Nevada?

If you are seeking options for adoption in Nevada, Adoption Choices of Nevada has a welcoming and dynamic staff of adoption professionals who can guide you in creating a plan. Although abortion is still an option for Nevada women, remember that there are three options to consider when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. If you are a woman looking for pregnancy adoption help in Las Vegas, Reno, or just generally adoption in Nevada, Adoption Choices of Nevada is a fully licensed and well-equipped adoption agency that can handle all your adoption needs. While adoption is a very valid choice to make, remember that it is not a replacement for an abortion. Abortion and adoption are two very different options that can affect a birth mother in different ways. Consider reviewing your situation, your feelings, and your perspectives with an adoption counselor in order to make the best choice. If you do choose to create an adoption plan for your child, know that you will be in good hands when you choose Adoption Choices of Nevada.