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Exploring Adoption Choices of Nevada: A Modern Approach to Placing Your Child for Adoption in Las Vegas

By Veronica Wiley

Adoption has come a long way since the days when matching a child to a family was its sole purpose. Yes, adoption is still about matching children with loving families. However, adoption agencies now have a wider focus. Private adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Nevada have taken a modern approach to adoption. This modern process involves the birth mother in the decision-making. It also offers many resources to help pregnant women, which we’ll discuss later in this article. For women thinking about adoption, this modern approach to adoption is much more personalized. So, if you are a woman considering adoption, keep reading. We’ll share all about the modern adoption approach.

Information About Adoption, I’m Pregnant – The Modern Adoption Process

Modern adoption includes the birth mother much more than the old process. Gone are the days when the baby is taken from the mother and placed without her input. You’ll be included in every step, and we’ll provide an adoption counselor to discuss your options.

The first step is contacting Adoption Choices of Nevada to speak with an adoption counselor. Our adoption counselors are skilled in guiding birth mothers through adoption. They’ll discuss all of the pregnancy options available to you and help you choose the option that’s right for you.

If adoption is the best option for you, your counselor will help you create an adoption plan. This plan will include what type of adoption you would like (more on this below). It will include what type of adoptive family you would like for the baby and your birth plan.

After you create your adoption plan, you and your counselor will review adoptive families. You’ll discuss anything that may meet your expectations for the child. If you don’t see any that fit your goals for the family, don’t worry. You can meet again, and your counselor will bring a new set of profiles.

After the family is chosen, it’s time to focus on taking care of you. Adoption Choices of Nevada wants you and your baby to be healthy through the pregnancy. We offer additional aid to qualifying birth mothers, so be sure to talk to your adoption counselor about these resources.

As you can see, there is much more involvement for the birth mother in modern adoption. Now, you can be involved as much as you are comfortable. If you would like less involvement, tell your counselor, and together, you can create an adoption plan that works for you.

Open, Semi-Open, and Closed Adoption

One of the many benefits of modern adoption is the ability to select what type of adoption you want. Birth mothers can pick whether they would like an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. Here is a little about each one.

Open adoption provides the most involvement for the birth mother in the child’s life. With this type of adoption, the birth mother and adoptive family have open communication. They may arrange phone calls, share photos, and even set up meetings.

Semi-open adoption still allows for communication between the birth mother and adoptive family but is more limited. For example, meetings may be arranged but only happen once or twice a year.

Closed adoptions are usually chosen when the birth mother would like limited or no communication with the adoptive family. In this type of adoption, communication between the birth family and adoptive family is most restricted.

One of the common questions birth mothers have is if they can find out how the baby is doing post-placement. Thanks to modern adoption, whichever type you choose, we can help facilitate communication between you and the adoptive family.

Resources Available to Birth Parents Through Adoption Agencies

Modern adoption offers many resources to birth parents through adoption agencies. Some of these resources, like the adoption plan and counselor, were discussed above. Other resources are also available, and we’ll discuss them here.

  • The birth plan is an important part of the adoption process. Your birth plan will be created with your adoption counselor. It will involve the details of the birthing process and how they will be enforced in the hospital.
  • Support groups are another valuable resource offered to birth mothers through adoption centers. Adoption is an emotional journey for birth mothers. Adoption Choices of Nevada can connect you with a support group of other women with similar experiences. Support groups are available for help during pregnancy and post-placement.
  • Financial Assistance is also available to qualifying birth mothers. However, it is important to note that adoption is always free for birth mothers. Through financial assistance, we can provide help with various expenses to all eligible birth mothers.

Benefits of Adoption for My Baby and Me

There are many benefits of adoption for both the birth mother and the child being adopted.

Benefits for the birth mother include factors that offer peace of mind. There is something to be said about knowing that your baby is going to be well cared for. That you’ve been able to give your baby the best life possible. Because adoption agencies use a modern adoption model, birth mothers are now able to choose the family who will adopt their baby. This allows you to provide the life you want for your child. Through Knowing that your baby is being raised well and you don’t have to be a parent.

Of course, knowing the benefits of adoption for the child will also benefit your peace of mind. Among the many benefits of adoption for the adoptee are:

  • A stable home environment: Adoptive families complete a thorough screening process before we add their profile to our list of prospective families. We ensure that each family will not only have a loving home but also be stable. Stability means safety, routine, and the ability to support a child. Children who grow up in a stable environment are known to feel more secure and have stronger bonds with the people around them.
  • Family structure and model: Whatever the family looks like, single or double parent, other children, or same-sex parents, the model of family is being made. When a family is modeled to a child, it forms their idea of family. This is known to exhibit a sense of security, safety, well-being, and trust in the adopted child. Studies show that children who grow up in a family structure have fewer struggles with drugs and alcohol.
  • Support for life goals: This could mean support for their personal or educational goals. Children raised in adoptive homes are shown lots of support and encouragement for their achievements. Studies show that children who are encouraged and supported in their goals in life are known to be more successful in achieving those goals. This rolls over to doing better in school and having a higher chance of completing college.

Thinking About Adoption and Free Adoption Help

The modern adoption model has positively affected women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. We have covered some of them here, but as a private adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Nevada can help in many ways. If you are a birth mother who would like to know more about adoption in Las Vegas and the resources we can offer birth mothers, simply call 855-940-4673.