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Exploring Post-Placement Contact Arrangements in Las Vegas

By Felix Miyago 

The process for adoption can be an emotional and heartfelt moment. Through the adoption process, adoptive parents and birth mothers can agree to keep open communication and contact with the child. There is a misconception once the adoption has been finalized, the contact between the child and the birth mother is closed off. However, with open adoption, birth mothers and adoptive parents can opt-in for post-placement contact arrangements. This can allow the child to have contact with the birth parents.  

Please note that this information provided by Adoption Choices of Nevada is for general knowledge only and does not constitute legal advice. For more information on this matter, please consult with an adoption attorney from any of our adoption agencies in Nevada for specific legal guidance in your situation.

What is Post-Placement and What is the Process Behind It?

Post-placement contact is a type of open adoption, an adoption where both the birth mother and the adoptive family have a form of contact, communication, and access to each other’s personal information. 

Post-placement contact could include:

  • Meeting in person
  • Sending pictures and letters
  • Phone calls or communicating through text
  • Social media interaction

The contact could vary depending on the relationship between both the birth mother and the adoptive parents. Adoptive parents and the birth mother could agree on one or multiple forms of contact. 

Factors for Post-Placement Contact

Open adoption post-placement allows you to stay connected with your child’s life in a way that respects everyone’s needs. For example, the child will develop a better understanding of their history and learn more about the birth mother. This can help decrease any resentment and frustration with the limited information about the birth mother. In addition, choosing open communication after post-placement can open the opportunity for the child and the birth mother for future contact and preparation for meeting up. For example, when the adoptee is older, they can decide whether to establish a relationship with the birth mother after early communication. 

Post-Placement Contact can Establish a Relationship

Open adoption can benefit the adoptive parents, the birth mother, and the child. By establishing a relationship, the child can be provided a sense of security and belonging. Having the connection can help the child develop a better understanding of their personal history and learn more about the birth mother. Also, with the open exchange and interaction between the adoptive family and the birth mother, the child can help with any emotional concerns.

Furthermore, post-placement can benefit the child and if the adoptive parents see that it’s in the child’s best interest. Post-adoption contact can help the child in many ways such as: have an understanding of the reasons for the placement, increase the support system in the child’s life, develop a lifelong relationship with the birth mother, and fill in the sense of a wholeness in the child. 

Things to Considered for Post-Placement Communication

Having a post-placement agreement may not be for everyone. Depending on the situation and the circumstances, having open communication with the birth mother and adoptive parents might not be in the best interest of the child. It could be due to difficult circumstances the birth mother is going through. 

Between adoptive parents and birth mothers, it’s important to agree and establish specific boundaries. Having boundaries helps understand certain interactions and ensures the communication is in the best interest of the child. For example, adoptive parents and the birth mother can decide to meet in person once every year. Adoption Choice of Nevada has information about the adoption process Nevada goes through and has connections with adoption agencies in Reno and Las Vegas.

More Information About Adoption in Las Vegas

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