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Exploring Post-Placement Contact Arrangements in Reno

By Vanessa Martínez

Open adoption is a great option for a birth mother considering adoption; it’s filled with different opportunities for everyone involved. This option is meant to enrich the life of the adoptive child as well as the lives of the adoptive parents, as well as your own. However, we understand that thinking of navigating the intricacies of post-placement communication and visits can feel overwhelming. To help you start to think of your options in the post-placement world, we’ve built this comprehensive guide. Don’t forget Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to help with any of your needs. 

Understanding Open Adoption

When researching how to put your baby up for adoption, you probably came across the different styles of adoption. You can pick from an open, semi-open, or closed adoption, and each one has its own benefits. For today’s guide, we will focus on open adoptions and what they entail and can bring into your life. Open adoption involves ongoing contact between birth parents, adoptive parents, and the adopted child, allowing for varying degrees of openness and communication. It’s important to realize if you do choose open adoption, that they’re not all the same and that what might work for one family won’t work for you. The key is finding a great adoption agency in Reno to support you, as well as finding the balance for everyone involved. 

What are the Communication Channels I Can Use Post-Placement? 

Finding avenues of communication that both you and the adoptive parents are okay with might be difficult at first. It’s important to remember everyone has different schedules, and what you might be comfortable with is completely different for each of them. Being open and receptive with your adoption agency and with the adoptive parents is the best way to move forward. 

  1. Letters and Emails: Written communication can provide a valuable channel for ongoing communication. It allows for both birth parents and adoptive families to share updates and photos in a way that can feel more deliberate. 
  2. Phone Calls: Phone calls can feel more intimate and offer immediate communication. This can offer both you and the adoptive parents an easier route for communication as well as scheduled phone calls can be a lot easier for you to complete. This can also provide a sense of consistency, and predictability for the child, which is an important factor. 
  3. Video Chats: This is a new advancement for adoption agencies and both the adoptive and birth parents. This is a great option if there is some distance between the individuals involved in the adoption. Video chatting applications can offer a way to bridge the physical distance between everyone. 
  4. In-Person Visits: In person visits offer an in-valuable experience for bonding. If you are able to do this, a planned visit can strengthen a bond with your child as well as with the adoptive family. Although this can be difficult to manage with different schedules it can offer a lot of fulfillment for everyone involved. 

How Do I Set Boundaries in Your Adoption Journey?

When preparing for your adoption process in Nevada, you might be thinking of how you can start to think of the boundaries you want to set with the adoptive family. Depending on what you think is important, these boundaries might change the situation. Establishing clear expectations from the beginning can prevent miscommunication and disappointment from happening. It’s also important to manage your expectations when handling a situation like this. Being realistic with the interactions you choose can help; not every interaction will be perfect, but it will help you learn about yourself and the child. Make sure to focus on your child.

Bonding with them is the most important part of your relationship with them and of these communication paths. Respect everyone involved in the open adoption, that is, the adoptive parents and everyone involved in the child’s life. Respect can foster a healthy relationship with everyone involved, and it can help smooth over any issues that might arise in the future. Dealing with adoption can cause both the birth and adoptive families to experience different feelings like loss or grief throughout the process. Resources are available with Adoption Choices of Nevada to help. 

Navigating open adoption and post-placement communication can be a difficult choice to make as well as a difficult path to navigate. However, by choosing to set boundaries, and focus on the paths of communication that benefit everyone best it can make for the greatest experience. Remember that Adoption Choices of Nevada is always here to help with whatever questions you might have.