6 Facts about Teen Pregnancy and Choosing Adoption

By Merry Sutijono

If you’re facing teen pregnancy and considering adoption, know that adoption is not giving up. Many pregnant teens don’t have the resources to take care of a baby or don’t want to become parents at a young age. Choosing adoption is a great decision that many girls make. However, there’s a lot of information (and misinformation!) about Reno adoption out there, and we know that it can be overwhelming. We want to make the adoption process as easy to understand as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled 6 quick facts about teen pregnancy and choosing adoption.

6 Facts about Teen Pregnancy and Choosing Adoption

  1. Choosing adoption is not giving up

As a teen, you may not feel prepared to be a parent. Maybe your financial situation isn’t ideal, or you don’t have a support system. Perhaps you simply don’t want to become a parent.

Whatever your reasons are, you should know that choosing adoption is not giving up. You are not a bad person for putting a child up for adoption. In fact, adoption is a brave decision. Teen pregnancy is an overwhelming and often painful experience. It can be hard to make any kind of decision in such a highly emotional state. Choosing what might be best for your baby while you are going through so much is a powerful and courageous act. 

  1. Adoption is an individual decision

The decision to put your baby up for Reno adoption is a personal one. Some people are against putting a child up for adoption, and it is not uncommon for teen birth mothers to experience backlash from their friends and family because of their decision. It can be hard to make decisions when so many people are telling you what they think the right thing to do is. 

However, when it comes to adoption, there is no “right” choice, and choosing adoption isn’t about anyone else. Individual circumstances, beliefs, and feelings can all affect your decision to put your child up for adoption. We believe it is your right to decide what is best for you and your baby. 

  1. Adoption can give your baby the best chance at a great life

If you aren’t able to take care of your baby, adoption is a great choice. By working with adoption agencies, you can ensure your baby is in safe and loving hands. Adoption Choices of Nevada performs complete background checks on all prospective adoptive families and makes sure they have all of the resources your baby will need to thrive. You can sleep soundly knowing that your baby is well-cared for in the hands of people who love them. 

  1. You are in control of the adoption process

There are three different types of adoption plans. 

Open adoption allows you to have as much contact with your child’s adoptive parents as you’d like, so you can get updates on your child’s life as desired. Semi-open adoption with Adoption Choices of Nevada allows you to contact your child’s adoptive family confidentially through a secure platform called ChildConnect. Finally, closed adoption does not allow any communication between you and your child’s adoptive family. 

These different plans allow you to decide what is best for your life and your child. 

  1. Adoption isn’t like the movies

Many people fear adoption because they think it might be cold, cruel, and confusing to the child. There are a lot of misconceptions about adoption, mostly due to poor portrayals in the media.

Your child isn’t “gone” forever. Open adoption allows you to contact your child’s adoptive family as you see fit. Open adoption allows you to be a part of your child’s life while ensuring they have the resources they need to thrive.

Your child isn’t guaranteed a bad experience. While a majority of adopted children have positive experiences, some have been deceived, mistreated, or abused. Keep in mind that people who had positive adoption experiences might not talk about their adoption much because they might view it as just another part of their normal life. Thus, you’ll probably hear complaints from people who had bad experiences with their adoption more than glowing reviews from people who had good ones. 

It’s also worth noting that not all adoption agencies near you are the same. Some perform highly unethical and even illegal practices. When you work with Adoption Choices of Nevada, you can rest easy knowing we are working to give your baby the best possible adoption experience. We want the best for you and your child, and we do everything in our power to make sure you are protected before, during, and after placement. 

  1.  Support is available for teen birth mothers

Teen pregnancy and the adoption process can be overwhelming, confusing, and even painful. Navigating how to give baby up for adoption is difficult to do on your own.

We believe you shouldn’t be alone in this challenging experience. That’s why Adoption Choices of Nevada has adoption counselors available 24/7. Our counselors can help you understand your adoption plan and support you during this difficult time. They can help with anything related to the adoption process, including connecting you with financial resources and helping you find housing before and after the baby is born. 

If you are facing teen pregnancy and are in need of support, Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to help. Adoption Choices of Nevada has been providing adoption and surrogacy services across Nevada since 2012. You can call us to speak to someone now. Contact Us 24/7: 855-940-4673 (Toll-Free) | 702-474-4673 (Las Vegas) | 775-825-4673 (Reno)