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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Feeling Adoption Guilt: Should I Feel Guilty About Placing My Baby Up For Adoption in Nevada?

By Connor Shelton

As an expecting mother in Las Vegas, it can be very stressful going through pregnancy. This is especially the case if you’re a single woman looking to place your baby up for adoption. The weight of such a decision often bears down like an anvil on many mothers. There’s typically an outpour of emotions that center around grief due to how difficult it is to give away your child. But what if one doesn’t experience these intense emotions? What if one feels no guilt at all for placing a child up for adoption? Is this normal? To tell a long story short, yes. It’s perfectly reasonable not to be swallowed in grief for choosing adoption. Here’s why.

Adoption in Las Vegas is never without good cause

You weren’t expecting to get pregnant at this time. But, it just happened, and now you’ve decided that you must adopt your baby. It’s a tough choice for many, but one that is made in a spirit of selflessness. Whether it’s for the well-being of the baby or your own existing family, you’re placing other people’s needs ahead of yours. That’s a bold decision to make that should ease your outlook on adoption.

Beyond just placing the needs of your baby and/or family ahead of your own, adoption is also noble in that it gives other people a chance to raise a family. For whatever reason – possibly related to their inability to conceive – they’re choosing adoption because they want to have a child. Their choice, like yours, is made from love, which should make you feel even better about adoption as a process.

Find Adoption and Birth Mother Support

If you still feel your sense of relief about adoption is wrong, you can always look to other women who have gone through this process. Start first with the people you already know and love. They’ll be the ones who are most comfortable opening up to you about their own experiences, though this isn’t always the case. Some of these women might be afraid to open up because they’re still processing their decision.

Assuming you don’t know anyone who has undergone the adoption process, you can always look to other adoption agencies in Las Vegas. In addition, they’ll likely connect you with other birth mothers and support groups. Here, you can parse out your feelings and find that your sense of relief is an acceptable response to adoption in Nevada. They’ll almost all point out that they chose adoption for the same reason you did. While some may still feel guilty about their choice, others will validate your positive feelings about adoption.

Be Kind To Yourself During The Las Vegas Adoption Journey

Even if you feel validated in your choice to adopt your child, you should still treat yourself with care. Don’t beat yourself up because you don’t feel guilty. Adoption is a complicated process requiring you to be physically and emotionally healthy. Your feelings of confusion and questions about whether you are a “normal” person can last for some time. But they’ll eventually subside. Eventually, your relief will be validated once you have met with the adoptive family, knowing they will take good care of your child. Before they can do that, you must remember to take care of yourself.

How can Adoption Choices of Nevada aid in your struggle?

Even the most put-together of people can benefit from the vast resources Adoption Choices of Nevada offers. We recognize the importance of assisting birth mothers’ medical, financial, and mental needs. For you, these resources might not sound necessary considering your positive acceptance of adoption, but they can still be useful. After all, your child’s health is tied directly to your own, so it wouldn’t hurt to use what is offered. 

Receiving adequate assistance is vital to a smooth adoption. If you need a safe place to stay during your pregnancy, we can offer you one. If you’re having trouble obtaining groceries, we’ll ensure you get the proper nutrition you need. Most importantly, we’ll provide you with a birth counselor to help you draft your adoption plan. You might be at peace with your decision to put your child up for adoption, but your birth parent counselor can still help ease the burden of going through an unplanned pregnancy all by yourself. And even after your child is born, you still have access to post-placement support.

Finding the Right Nevada Adoption For You

You don’t have to feel guilty to know you love your child. Your choice to place them up for adoption when you can’t raise them proves your love. But even if you don’t feel guilt-ridden by the adoption process, we’ll still stress about you and your child’s well-being until they are born.

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