Finding the Right Counseling For You After Giving Your Baby Up For Adoption

By Hunter Silvey

Have you recently given baby up for adoption in Reno? If so, you may be looking for options to help you move forward in your adoption journey to one of the last steps. Adoption Choices of Nevada understands varying emotions you may be feeling after the adoption process. We want you to know that your adoption plan is not over yet. We have great counseling support for adoption for you starting right now. 

Finding the Right Help After Adoption: Different kinds of Counseling Programs

If you’re feeling loneliness or unease after your child’s adoption, there are great therapy options for you. Researching different therapists or talking to our Reno adoption specialists can help you get through your journey. There are different methods of therapy and different treatments available to you. Adoption Choices of Nevada can walk you through all the options listed below and figure out what you need in your therapeutic journey.

1. Crisis Intervention Therapy

This style of therapy is great at fixing problems quickly. The therapy is designed to target anxiety quickly and find solutions that can help you get back on the right track. This therapy will look for healthy techniques to prevent potentially unhealthy habits or vices from getting you through your stressors. This process will begin with an assessment stage to see how your mental and emotional health has been affected during and after your adoption process.

2. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

This therapy is a brief, short-term, and goal-oriented therapy. This is a great way to start your therapy if you’re not feeling a huge amount of anxiety that is weighing down your mental state. If you find yourself struggling through the day but not overwhelmingly depressed, this is a good option for you. It will involve a few brief sessions that look to aim your focus on positive solutions rather than what may have caused the issues. Adoption Choices of Nevada finds this to be a more immediate and quick way to get you through the dramatic shift in your life.

3. Person-Centered Therapy

This style of therapy gives more responsibility to you throughout your sessions. The therapist is there to provide positive and empathetic interaction to you through your therapy. A big warning sign that this therapy style is right for you is if you are experiencing dissociation from your typical emotional and behavioral state of mind. 

4. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This fast-paced behavioral therapy is a unique style for you after your Reno adoption. This is a great way to get you through any depression you might be facing. This style faces your depression head-on and helps you get through your life after the adoption process.

The therapist can look for any unconscious meaning behind the behaviors you may be showing. Behaviors that may connect with a lack of effort in your life or actions that could be evident in depression.

5. Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy is a great way to identify what is important to you. So much of therapy looks at targeting the negative elements in your life and finding solutions. This style of therapy is great at reminding you what you value most and how to focus on those things. This is great at helping with anxiety, grief, or depression, all of which are things you might be experiencing post-birth. 

6. Finding a Great Support Group Post-Birth

Finding a group can really bring clarity to your journey. There are great options for birth mothers at different stages of their own adoption journeys. Some of them are seeking support during their pregnancy, while others are looking for support after birth. Making connections and friends with people that have similar life experiences is what friendship is all about. Perhaps these friendships can work as therapy in the same way that the group sessions do. 

If You are Feeling Blue Post-Adoption, Maybe a Retreat is the Right Move For You!

Depression and anxiety can really get a hold of your life if you’re not seeking healthy alternatives to stay ahead of the game. Your adoption journey may be coming to a close, but this doesn’t mean the journey of life has to become dull or meaningless. A great way to get out of your own head is to go on a trip or a retreat. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Perhaps some support groups plan events like this throughout the year that you could be a part of. It doesn’t hurt to put yourself out there and look for those connections. To experience life after therapy is like a new beginning, and Adoption Choices of Nevada hopes that you can get to that point in your journey of life.

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