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Whether you’re the birth parents of a child you want adopted, or hopeful adoptive parents, the adoption process might sound daunting, especially in today’s volatile world. With some careful planning, it’s possible to make it work well for the benefit of you and the child. Don’t be deterred from placing your child into the care of a suitable family when so many good, waiting families exist.

At the same time, those of you wanting to adopt should remove any misconceptions you have about adoption being too expensive or too overwhelming. There are plenty of grants and financial options out there to help grow your family and while the process isn’t a quick or easy one, it’s completely worth it in the end.

Take a look at five things to keep in mind when considering adoption, from both the birth parent and adoptive family sides.

1. For the Birth Parents: Don’t Feel Guilty About Circumstance

As Women’s Day points out, not every birth parent is unfit just because they’re placing their child for adoption. Life circumstances are different for everyone, and only you know what the right answer is for you and your child.

Life often brings obstacles that we can’t control. For instance, you might not have a relationship with the birth father, making it difficult to properly care for your child. Or, you are going back to school full-time to progress your career.

These situations, amongst many others, are things that anyone going through an unplanned pregnancy must consider. Allowing a caring family to adopt your child offers a good life that you may not be able to provide immediately.

2. For Adoptive Parents: You’ll Need to Educate Yourself

If this is your first adoption, you’re going to need to educate yourself on adoption realities. Many adoption agencies require some pre-adoption education to learn what’s required.

They also recommend you do a lot of learning on your own through online courses and via other adoptive parents. The latter is going to give you a lot of practical advice through their own life experiences. In other words, things you can’t learn without being in their shoes.

3. For Adoptive Parents: Attention Goes to the Child and Not You

Always remember that when you adopt, you have to devote all focus on the adoptive child. Don’t place your own needs ahead of them, because that’s not what it’s all about.

Birth parents and agencies are concerned about what kind of life the child could have in your care, not necessarily about how long you’ve waited or how much you want a child in your life. Your focus has to be 100% on communicating the life that the child would experience with you and why a birth mother or birth parents would want to introduce the child to your family.

4. For Birth Parents: Always Do Your Research

Many mothers who have placed their children for adoption say you absolutely need to do proper research first. Always check out different agencies and research them diligently.

You can even do some of this through reading different adoption blogs which can lead to some valuable networking. Members can lead you to some quality adoption agencies in your local area. By doing this, you’ll also likely get more pros and cons to open or closed adoption methods.

5. For Adoptive Parents: Understand Local Laws

Adoption laws are different in each state, so always research your state laws pertaining to the subject. Perhaps you’ll also want to look out-of-state when considering adopting a child. In Nevada, you have some specific steps you need to take, so study the official governmental site on adoption rules.

Here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we’re here to serve both birth parents and adoptive parents for a smooth adoption process. We work with all kinds of adoptive families, including single individuals and those in the LGBTQ community.

If you’re ready to begin the process of either placing a child for adoption or finding a child to add to your family, we’d love to talk with you!

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