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Gestational Surrogacy: What to Expect as an Intended Parent?

Gestational Surrogacy: What to Expect as an Intended Parent?

The want to have a family is a big deal for many. To watch your kids grow into amazing human beings is a dream of many. Of course nowadays we understand that every family is different, and that is okay as long as there is love to grow.

Gestational surrogacy is a great option for many aspiring families. Gestational surrogacy allows intended parents from any background, sexual preference, even to a single intended parent to start a family of their own. Every gestational surrogacy is different, but it has worked for many so many times that we do have a general idea of what to expect as an intended parent.

Is Surrogacy The Right Option?

Just like big decisions in life we should ask ourselves, is this the right decision for me, or for us? Every intended parent has their own reason why they choose gestational surrogacy. Intended parents that are in the LGBT community might opt for gestational surrogacy, because they want to have that genetic link to the baby and possibly have both of their names in the birth certificate. It is also a great option for intended parents that really want to grow their family and they want to have a genetic link to the baby.

It is important to research and educate yourself about gestational surrogacy. If you have any questions regarding the process there are surrogacy agencies available such as Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Nevada. Surrogacy agencies have years of experience.

Prepare For Surrogacy in Nevada

Agencies recommend having a surrogacy plan. This outlines the goals, and expectations you as an intended parent may have. There are many things to consider with the surrogacy plan.

  • Do you already have a surrogate? Some intended parents opt for having a close friend or a family member to be their surrogate.
  • Do you need an egg or sperm donor? Some intended parents need a donor. Is a great idea to prepare for it.
  • Is an agency the best option for you? Surrogacy agencies are there to help intended parents and surrogates to meet their needs throughout the surrogacy journey.

Preparing for surrogacy is important for intended parents and surrogates. It helps to give you an idea of what to expect and what expectations you are looking for.

Matching With a Surrogate in Nevada

It is perfectly okay if you do not have a surrogate yet. Surrogacy agencies like Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Nevada, have a database full of surrogates that can be the perfect match for you. Agencies ask for intended parents to fill in a questionnaire about yourself, or/and your partner.

The matching process is a great process to look forward to, you get to meet people who understand why you chose gestational surrogacy and you’ll get to meet the amazing surrogate that will help you grow your family.

IVF: A Step Closer To Your Baby

This step is the most important one. It is the most expected one of the journey. Gestational surrogacy works via IVF, it does sound and it is a technical term, but it’s simple. IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization. It is a series of procedures that help the surrogate in this case to get pregnant.

During IVF the doctor uses the intended parents eggs and sperm or a donor’s. IVF is the most effective way for the surrogate to get pregnant. Once the surrogate is pregnant the surrogacy journey begins for the intended parents.

Welcome the Baby Through Gestational Surrogacy

The last step to expect is the most precious one. This whole process was leading to this exact moment. The biggest moment to expect as an intended parent during the surrogacy processis to hold your baby in your arms.

Every surrogacy journey is different for intended parents and surrogates, and that is what makes it special. The most important things to do is to research and ask questions about every topic that may seem confusing. Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Nevadais here to answer any questions aboutwhat to expect as an intended parent.

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