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Gift Ideas for Your Gestational Carrier

If you are like most intended parents, you want to build that special bond with your gestational carrier. You want to be present at every checkup, know when the baby first kicks and be a part of the labor process. Building that bond with the gestational carrier is so precious, because she takes on one of the most selfless jobs anyone could ever do. She not only gives the the intended parents an amazing gift, but she also carries a load of responsibility that can be overwhelming. She’s carrying precious cargo that doesn’t belong to her. That in itself is amazing and special! It’s an act that can’t be repaid. While no gift could ever compare, it’s still a sweet gesture! But what on earth do you get her?  

After all, she is giving you the gift of life, the promise of parenthood and the opportunity to make your dreams a reality. How could you ever repay that? Truth is, there really is no way to fully give back or thank her for her priceless gift, however, there are ways to show her you are very thankful and that you appreciate what she did for you. Here are some wonderful gift ideas for your gestational carrier.

Gift Ideas For Your Gestational Carrier 

Before making a purchase, be sure to ask your surrogacy specialist if giving a gift would be acceptable and appropriate. Here is a list of gift ideas to get you started:

  • Jewelry
  • Vacation packages 
  • Gift Cards 
  • Pregnancy journals 
  • Massage/Spa gift cards 
  • Grocery shop for her 
  • Flowers 
  • Fruit baskets 
  • Maternity photo shoots 
  • Designer Handbag 
  • Personalized items to symbolize your journey with your gestational carrier 
  • Pregnancy yoga classes 

Don’t be shy to ask your gestational carrier what she might like! You can also take down a list of things she would like to have. This will help make the gifts a little more personable and have an even greater effect in showing gratitude.

Why You Should Give Your Gestational Carrier a Gift 

Gifting your gestational carrier shows a great amount of gratitude. Taking care of the woman who is being so selfless helps ensure that she and the baby are happy and healthy.

Gestational carriers go through a lot and often experience bouts of depression and anxiety. A gift can remind her that she is special, and most importantly appreciated. A vacation after giving birth, helps the gestational carrier get back to being herself. Giving the baby to the intended parents after birth can be quite emotional. Maternity photoshoots or jewelry can give her something to remember the pregnancy by. Pregnancy yoga can help prevent postpartum depression anxiety.

Giving your gestational carrier something she requested can make her feel heard and really appreciated. Here at Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Las Vegas, we want all gestational carriers to feel appreciated. We would not be able to help families expand without them.

As always, make sure to talk with your gestational carrier about what she wants. You can have these items or plans written within your contract. Make sure to talk with your lawyer or social worker to discover the best ways to approach the gift giving topic.

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