Happy Birth Mothers Day from Adoption Choices of Nevada!

By Jessica Exstrom

There are official days for lots of things, but did you know that Birth Mother’s Day is a thing? That’s right: There is a national day dedicated to all of the brave birth mothers out there. Through love, loss, and endurance, you deserve recognition for one of the biggest choices of your life, and Adoption Choices of Nevada notices you. Here we will detail what Birth Mother’s Day is, its history of it, and how to celebrate it! You are still important after the adoption process, so this day is for you!

What Is Birth Mother’s Day?

Not many people know about this special day. Birth Mother’s Day is May 13th, 2023, one day before the more commonly known Mother’s Day. The existence of Birth Mother’s Day does not take away from the fact that birth parents deserve to celebrate regular Mother’s Day, but it’s more of an active effort to recognize birth mothers and everything they stand for. Celebrating your adoption in Las Vegas or in Reno can be a meaningful experience for birth mothers. Ignore the traditionality of Mother’s Day, or celebrate that day too. What’s important is that you are absolutely a mother, and you deserve a day for yourself.

The adoption search and process can be complicated, leaving you feeling crazy and alone. Giving your baby up for adoption was probably one of the most difficult events of your life, and we get it. There are unknown battles and feelings that many are fortunate enough to never experience. But you were strong and brave in the face of everything, and you deserve recognition. 

History Behind Birth Mother’s Day

Birth Mother’s Day was made to honor you, your sacrifices, your grievances, and your love for the baby you placed in others’ care. You are still a mother, and you still deserve a day to be honored. Birth Mother’s Day was first created in 1990. A group of birth mothers decided to make it for other women just like them. For the past thirty-ish years, this day has been a part of so many women’s lives. For some, it is a joyous day of celebration, and for others, it is a time of grieving and pain. No matter how you feel post-adoption, the day is for you, and our adoption agency in Las Vegas recognizes you. 

During times like these, it is crucial to understand what placing your child for adoption is. By pursuing adoption, know that you did not give up your baby for a Reno adoption. You did not give up anything; You created new chances for you and your child to have the lives you both deserve and are worthy of. Our adoption agencies in Nevada stress this idea as it is important to know how brave and courageous you were for considering adoption in the first place. We want you to feel validated and confident in your decision, and Birth Mother’s Day is a way to celebrate those feelings! So, how can you celebrate?

How to Celebrate Birth Mother’s Day This Year

There is no formula to celebrating Birth Mother’s Day, just like there isn’t for Mother’s Day. What matters is that this day is for you and all other birth mothers, and it is to be celebrated however you choose. You may not choose to celebrate either, as this may be a very difficult day for you. Past emotions and feelings you’ve gotten over may come back, and that is completely normal. Adoption is a lot to deal with emotionally, and those feelings don’t disappear. Recognize your feelings, feel them, and reach out to someone if you need extra support. There is no shame in adoption and no shame in your feelings after adoption.

To you and all the wonderful birth mother’s out there: Happy Birth Mother’s Day! You deserve this day for yourself, to feel proud of your decisions, or to grieve. Whatever emotional state you’re in or thoughts you may have, take this day for yourself and for your baby. You are worthy of celebration and being remembered. Be proud of yourself and happy your child is in a loving family. 

If you are a birth parent who is finding the time around Birth Mother’s Day to be difficult, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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