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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Having An After-Birth Adoption in Nevada

By Alice Braga

If you have just given birth to your child, and you suddenly decide you cannot care for them, it is not too late to have an after-birth adoption in Nevada. Adoption Choices of Nevada is familiar with last-minute NV adoption and even hospital adoptions, and we will be able to help you through the process. Our Adoption Agency is glad to help you through all of your adoptions needs before, during, and after birth, regardless of when you contact us. Whether it has been a few hours or even a few years since your child is born, adoption is still an option for you. In fact, with our help, you can complete the entire Nevada adoption process in a matter of days, all from the hospital bed or even from home. You can rest assured your baby’s needs will be met, and they will go to a loving family and have a bright future ahead of them. 

Benefits of An After-Birth Adoption in Nevada

With infant adoptions, you place your baby up for adoption between one month and one year of age. So if you are not sure if adoption is for you, or if you are not comfortable giving up your baby too soon, you don’t have to commit to placing your child up for adoption in Reno before giving birth. You can take that extra time to consider your options and feel out if adoption is right for you. You have more time to meet the potential adoptive families, more time to make a choice. This can be very reassuring if you are on the fence or simply need more time to make a decision.  

Maybe you were planning on keeping the baby, but your circumstances changed, and now the baby is here, and you don’t know what to do. Maybe you tried to parent but decided that the best option for you is to put your baby up for adoption. Whatever the reason, if you find you cannot take care of your child, you can still consider putting your baby up for adoption. There is no guilt or shame in it. Remember, you are giving your child and yourself a better chance at life. 

Nevertheless, even with the comfort of knowing you are making the right decision, it can be very difficult emotionally to give up an older child. Perhaps even more so than giving up a newborn. This is precisely why Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to provide you with any and all the emotional support and services you need, should you choose to put your toddler or older child up for adoption. 

Infant or Newborn Adoption? 

There are birth parents who contact us as soon as they find out they are expecting, others a little later on in the pregnancy, some contact us even after they have left the hospital with their newborn. Fear not, we are prepared to assist you whenever you decide to pursue adoption. Of course, the timeframe you choose is, entirely up to you, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. It can be reassuring to make your decision during pregnancy and knowing your baby will be immediately cared for with newborn adoption. Of course, that means you have to commit to adoption and to an adoptive family before your baby’s birth. With infant adoptions, you have a bit more time to make your decision and more time with your baby. However, that also means you go through most of the pregnancy or all of it without a plan. It also means it might hurt more to part with the baby. It is up to you to decide which, if any, of these options works best for you. Adoption Choices of Nevadas can help you with both, and of course, you have the same rights and choices under either option. Are you ready to start your after-birth adoption journey in Nevada today?

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