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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Healing for Birth Mothers Post-Adoption

By Anabel Sierra

Despite the happy holidays coming around, adoption and the difficult emotions that come with it are ever-present. Especially if you are a birth parent, but you don’t need to be alone, we at Adoption Choices of Nevada can help you set up an adoption plan. There are multiple ways to get the support you may need for these difficult emotions to make it easier. Consider this your guide for getting through not only the emotions but the process as well. Here are some things that would make putting your child up for adoption hard and how Adoption Choices of Nevada can help: 

1. Feeling Guilty, Sad, or Angry that you cannot take care of the child Yourself

These feelings as a birth mother putting their child up for adoption are very normal. However, we do offer counseling and emotional support for birth mothers. Whether you haven’t given birth yet, post placement, or you find yourself needing help long-term, our adoption agency is here for you! Our services include but are not limited to therapy, support groups, retreats, or social circles. 

2. Bonding with Your Child Before Adoption 

Birth parents bond with their unborn children throughout the pregnancy, whether they decide to put their child up for adoption or not. Due to this bond, adoption can be made difficult. But in the end, you are not only providing a better life for the anticipated child, but also for yourself! Your well-being is just as important as the child’s. If you want, we do offer an open adoption option because we keep this bond between you and your baby in mind.

3. You Don’t Know How to Put a Child Up for Adoption 

Whether you are a teenager or well into your 40s experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, everyone here at Adoption Las Vegas can help! If you want to be low-profile, we can and will help you set up a private adoption in Nevada. Pregnant adoption also exists–this means that you choose a family while you are pregnant and sign the paperwork post-birth. Adoption agencies such as Adoption Choices of Nevada will assist you in your adoption plan. Adoption in Nevada has been made easy with our adoption center in Las Vegas, unlike other adoption agencies. 

4. Holidays Without Your Baby Post-Adoption

We know that holidays are hard with shopping and cooking meals, but it can be even harder when you add the adoption process in. Whether you are anticipating the future holidays post-adoption, or it’s your first holiday season without your baby, we understand. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even New Year’s are to spend with loved ones and you can lean on them for support. Sometimes, simply being surrounded by others and keeping busy can help the most.

5. Potentially Regretting Putting Up Your Baby for Adoption

While adoption in Nevada is fairly easy, we understand that it might not be easy to place your child with their adoptive parents post-birth. That is why you, as the birth parent, are able to discontinue the adoption process at any time. However, once the paperwork of signing over your legal rights as a parent, unfortunately, nothing can be undone. In order to cope with feelings of regret, adoption Nevada does have support groups that you can join where others feel the same way as you do. Healing is the most important part of the adoption process, and it’s equally important to have a solid support system. 

You are Not Alone with Adoption in Las Vegas

All in all, if you are struggling, it is okay to reach out for help. Adoption is a very brave and deeply emotional process, and you are not weak for feeling a certain way. Everyone at Adoption Choices of Nevada is available during the holidays because we know that additional stress is hard to maneuver. Even the act of acknowledging that you have these feelings is difficult as it is brave. The more that you suppress these emotions, the worse it will get. We have the tools for you to feel support, guidance and connection with others in a nurturing and safe space. Lean into your trusted friends and family members as well because they are there for you. Through these tools, you will be able to heal and find joy again in the interests you may have lost due to these emotions. Give us a call or visit our Las Vegas location today.