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Home Study

Preparing Couples For Parenting An Adopted Child

What is a home study?

Adoption laws in every state require prospective adoptive parents to complete a pre-adoption assessment usually called a home study. The home study and required adoption training thoroughly prepares prospective couples for parenting an adopted child. The home study consists of interviews, various documents and paperwork, background clearances, and a home safety check. The interviews allow your caseworker to gather information about you and assess if a stable environment exists for your family to receive an adoptive placement. It is a time when the prospective adoptive parents and the caseworker mutually assess the qualities and behaviors of each family member – parent(s) and previously adopted children and children by birth. The home study is an opportunity to identify potential areas of difficulty and develop a plan prior to the placement of a child. Adverse experiences can be viewed as having contributed to the strengths the family has developed, rather than as deficiencies that make them less than “perfect”.

The result is a written report that is reviewed by you for accuracy before completion. With your written permission, Adoption Choices of Nevada may release your home study to another licensed adoption agency, an attorney, and/or a district court judge for adoption finalization. Otherwise, the home study is confidential and, under Nevada law, you are not allowed to possess a copy of it.

The home study process at Adoption Choices of Nevada is non-judgmental and cooperative. Our caseworkers are trained professionals who are compassionate and understanding, with many years of experience in working with prospective adoptive parents. Several of our caseworkers are themselves adoptive parents. Making the home study experience enjoyable, educational, and positive is of utmost importance, along with helping you discover the unique attributes you bring to parenting an adopted child.

While it is not guaranteed that once you enter the home study process you will be approved for an adoptive placement, the majority of prospective adoptive parents are approved.

Adoption Choices Of Nevada does NOT accept cash or credit cards. All payments will be submitted directly to the office working with you. All fees and methods of payment will only be discussed with you directly by our staff.

Answers to Common Questions

Do you provide home studies for couples working with out-of-state adoption agencies for placement, either domestically or internationally?

Adoption Choices of Nevada does not provide international adoption services.

We can provide only the services you need to comply with Nevada state laws. These services include the application process, the home study, the required adoption training, and post-placement or post-adoption services.

What types of home studies do you provide?

1. Domestic adoptions
2. Designated adoptions (you locate the birth mother on your own)
3. Kinship if you are outside the 3rd degree of consanguinity (blood)

How long does it take to complete the home study?

On average, the home study takes two to three months to complete. You can speed up the process by gathering the required documents, scheduling your medical appointments, and completing your paperwork and fingerprint cards in a timely manner.


We are operating full service during this time and will not be shutting down operations. Please let us know how we can help.

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