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How to Celebrate Dad this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special time to celebrate and admire the love and dedication of the fathers and father figures in our lives that have helped shape us. Whether a father by birth or through adoption, fatherhood is full of laughs, lessons, and love. Every father deserves to be admired and honored for his title as a parent and role model.

This Father’s Day, take the time to let dad know how much you love and appreciate his position in your life. Here are some fun and creative ideas to spend Father’s Day 2019.

Do Something Outdoors

What father doesn’t dream of taking their kids to a baseball game or camping? Father’s Day is in June every year, the perfect time of year to spend the day at the beach or on a nice day hike. Going camping for the weekend is a great for dad—and the rest of the family—to unwind and truly enjoy some quality time reconnecting. If you live in Nevada, there are quite a number of cool and unique outdoor experiences that you can spend the day doing! Pack a nice picnic, strap in the kids, and make sure to take plenty of pictures of your adventures.

Make sure if you plan a camping trip with the kids you take all necessary precautions and follow camp guidelines for safety.

Have a BBQ

The quintessential Father’s Day celebration is, of course, a BBQ. There’s something about beers and burgers that really make a dad feel special. Hosting a BBQ is also the perfect way to celebrate the other fathers in your life — grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and friends. BBQs are great for having the whole family together, and you can include outdoor activities for the kids and adults alike such as: bean-bag toss, Frisbee, or even a waterslide.

Go (Mini-)Golfing

When thinking of something fun for dad, golfing comes straight to mind for many of us. It’s a game of skill and patience, and one that many dads love to participate in. Take dad out for a round of 18 on the green. Even if you are not a skilled golfer, he will love to show off his skills and help teach you. If you have young kids or kids who won’t make it through 18 holes, mini-golfing is just as fun!

Build Something Together

Not every dad is handy, but for those who are having their children help them work on a project is a special bonding experience. Think of something your kids and dad can build or work on together. Maybe a bird house or a bookshelf. Spending the time using their hands and creating something together will be an invaluable memory that will result in a handmade memento/gift. It’s also a great way for dad to teach you something new and pass on some hands-on knowledge.

Pay It Forward

Donating to a charitable cause to benefit other fathers is always a great gift to give dad on Father’s Day. Here is a list of charities that dedicate themselves to bettering the lives of fathers around the world:

  • Good Plus Foundation: They are a leading national nonprofit that works to dismantle multi-generational poverty by providing goods and programs to fathers, mothers and caregivers that help the whole family. Their goal is to incentivize parent involvement through programs like job-training, GED courses, anger management, healthy relationships, and addressing trauma. They provide essential goods such as diapers, strollers and cribs to contribute to a healthy home life for parents and children.
  • Fisher House Foundation: They provide temporary housing to families of wounded service members. The housing they provide is situated near military and VA hospitals so the families can live comfortably nearby. All of this is at no-cost to these deserving families. Another great thing about this organization is that you can also donate any frequent-flyer miles or hotel points you may have to towards travel costs for the families.
  • National At-Home Dad Network: This organization is entirely dedicated to recognizing and supporting at-home fatherhood. Their purpose is to de-stigmatize the views of stay-at-home dads and empower fathers who choose to be primary caregivers. Their mission is: “To provide advocacy, community, education and support for families where the fathers are primary caregivers for their children.”
  • International Rescue Committee: The IRC is dedicated to providing relief around the world to families living in humanitarian and disaster crisis areas. Every year for a different holidays they promote symbolic gifts that go towards these families. This year you can purchase a symbolic gift in your father’s name. The refugee survival kit will emergency cook-stoves to boil water and cook warm meals and materials to make shelter while these families travel somewhere safer.

Ultimately, Father’s Day is about showering dad with love and laughing at all his dad jokes. Whether its a simple homemade card, a movie night, or a weekend long adventure, be sure to give dad all of your attention this weekend and enjoy the quality time together.

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