How to Create an Adoption Plan in Reno, Nevada 

By Elle Kerrigan

When something as stressful as an unplanned pregnancy occurs, knowing where to begin is difficult. If adoption is the path you’re seeking, the assistance of an adoption agency can provide clarity. Giving a baby up for adoption can seem overwhelming, but creating an adoption plan will make your journey much more manageable. An adoption plan is made by working with an agency to make important decisions and arrangements for your baby’s future. It ensures you are best prepared to complete the adoption processAdoption Choices of Nevada is a non-profit agency that has been assisting women for over fifteen years. You can begin planning your next steps right here with us. 

Step 1: Contact Adoption Choices of Nevada

If you are considering an adoption in Reno, Nevada, the first step to creating a plan is contacting our agency. We have a phone number that you may call or text, as well as locations in Las Vegas and Reno. Whether you speak with us in person or over the phone, we can answer any questions you may have. Our adoption specialists are well-trained and caring. Once you get in contact with us, we can begin creating a plan to place your baby for adoption. 

Step 2: Choose your Type of Adoption

Generally, there are three types of adoptions you may choose from for your baby. It is best to be familiar with all three in order to pick which one is best for you. These are: open, semi-open, and closed. 

An open adoption is just what it sounds like; there is an open opportunity for communication between you, the birth mother, and your child post-adoption. In Nevada, this means the adoptive and birth parents swap contact information and full names. The amount of contact is entirely up to you and the adoptive family; the contact may vary from family to family. Many birth mothers choose this option to have peace of mind that their baby is safe, happy, and growing up in a secure family. 

A semi-open adoption does not completely close the door to communication. Simply, communication between the birth mother and adoptive family is done through an adoption agency, such as Adoption Choices of Nevada. This type of relationship allows you to receive updates as the child grows up. This choice is a good middle ground for mothers who have trouble deciding between open or closed.

A closed adoption does not allow for communication between the two parties. This option is preferred by birth mothers who want privacy or don’t want to contact their adoptive family. There are always adoptive families who are seeking each type of adoption, so choose what is best for you. We can match you to a family that best meets your needs. 

Step 3: Choose your Adoptive Family 

You may or may not choose to be active in the selection of your baby’s adoptive parents. If you would like to be involved, we have a database of families waiting to adopt under the “view waiting families” tab of our website. You can browse these couples and learn more about their lives, relationships, and personalities to determine which family you feel is a good match for you and your baby. The adoption agent working with you will set up a meeting between you and the parents of your choosing, so you can learn even more about them or ask any questions you may have. Some women decide not to pick their adoptive parents. This is okay; our adoption agents can do this for you. 

Step 4: Create a Birth Plan

For many mothers pursuing adoption, the birth of their child is an emotional day. Addressing this in your adoption plan will allow you to be best prepared for your time at the hospital. Together, we will figure out the details of this day ahead of time, so your stress can be minimized. You and your adoption agent will discuss who you want present in the delivery room, how long you wish to spend with your baby, when you want the adoptive parents to arrive, and whatever else you want to have planned. 

Step 5: Discuss Financial Assistance 

Unexpected pregnancies happen, and you may have financial worries that come along with this. We provide private adoption in Nevada, which means we can provide financial assistance to qualifying mothers. Putting a child up for adoption is always free for you, but there are other needs throughout pregnancy and birth that you may need assistance with. Adoption Choices of Nevada will help ease financial stress during this time. As a part of your adoption plan, we ensure every pregnant mother working with us has access to adequate medical care and housing. The staff member working with you will create a budget to ensure your basic needs, transportation, housing, OBGYN appointments, and more are covered through our agency. 

Creating Your Adoption Plan in Reno Today!

The adoption process can seem daunting if you don’t know who to turn to. As a local, licensed, and non-profit agency, Adoption Choices of Nevada has numerous resources available to any woman seeking adoption in Reno – or anywhere in the state. From financial to emotional, the support is endless at our adoption center. We want to see you and your baby fulfill your happiest lives, and through creating an adoption plan, this is more than possible. Giving a baby up for adoption does not have to be done alone. We’re happy to discuss Nevada adoption plans with you.

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