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How to Handle the Adoption After the Holidays

By Merry Sutijono

Giving a baby up for adoption may be overwhelming, especially with the holidays approaching. With the holiday season coming, all women across Reno, Nevada, may still be thinking about finalizing their adoption process. Please do not worry about the overwhelming adoption process. Although the placement process is challenging, our Adoption Choices of Nevada team is here to help with the adoption process.

The holiday season should run smoothly for you and your family, so you should be already in contact with the agency and complete all required paperwork. We at Adoption Choices of Nevada highly encourage you to check which step you are currently in your adoption plan with our agency. Perhaps even finalize by checking the Reno Adoption webpage so that you can worry less about the adoption process throughout the holiday season.

We will provide you with steps for you to complete the adoption process, which will be covered below:

How to Handle the Adoption and Creating Your Adoption Plans

Once you are in contact with the agency, you will have to choose which type of adoption plan you want. There are levels of openness regarding adoption plans at Adoption Choices of Nevada, such as open, semi-open, and closed adoption. Open adoption allows birth mothers to be involved in their child’s lives. There will be visits to adoptive families as well as your child. 

As the birth mother, you may not be able to be fully there in your child’s life. Letters or photos could be shared between you and your child. The agency will provide an online platform for you to carry out this process. For more information, contact the agency so that they will assist you. 

Lastly, the closed adoption option allows you to not be involved in any events that involve your child and or adoptive family. There is no pressure in choosing which type of openness you want. It all depends on whether you, the birth mother, would want to be part of your child’s life or not. Our team will assist with any inquiries about the adoption process. We will help guide you step by step until you’ve reached the final step of the placement. 

Services Provided at Adoption Choices of Nevada

If eligible, Adoption Choices of Nevada provides services that help your needs be met, such as financial stability, medical care, and housing and transportation. The choice you make is highly up to your liking that’s suitable for your needs. You do not need to worry about whether you should choose all of the above options. 

Our financial stability service allows you to choose a certain budget that includes expenses such as bills for gas, transport, etc., that can be covered by our agencies situated in Reno, Nevada. Medical care expenses are guaranteed by our agencies as well, so you do not need to worry about not owning health insurance.

Lastly, housing and transportation are basic needs that everyone should be thinking about, especially birth mothers. As of now, birth mothers may need adequate housing, so our team at our agencies has provided birth mothers assistance. In addition, we understand that transportation is needed for OBGYN visits, so we will provide transportation services as well if you are looking to adopt in Nevada.

Choosing the Right Adoptive Families for Your Child

On the View Waiting Families webpage on the Adoption Nevada website, you can view the pictures and overall data of the families. There are more adoptive families seeking adoption. As a birth mother, you can see which family is suitable for the right environment your child should be thriving. Do not worry about this step in the adoption process, as you are not alone! You can always keep in touch with our team at Adoption Choices of Nevada about adoptive families with data that suits your choice.

These are conversation topics that will be covered throughout the adoption planning process at our agency in Reno, Nevada. Although, there will be paperwork that you should still complete. It is highly suggested that you re-evaluate your adoption process in order for it to be finalized, especially with the approaching new year. Don’t hesitate to contact or keep in touch with our agencies located in Reno, Nevada.

Our team at Adoption Choices of Nevada will help ease your placement process. We wish you all the best in your adoption process and look forward to assisting you with any needs so that we can fulfill them. 

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