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How To Incorporate Adoption Into Your Holidays

By Anabel Sierra 

With the holidays coming around, love, life, and the pursuit of happiness can get a bit chaotic. It can get even more chaotic if you are a birth mother trying to cope with putting your baby up for adoption. However, Adoption Choices of Nevada can help. If you are a birth mother in Las Vegas, Adoption Las Vegas can help you navigate through these difficult times and emotions. We can also help you incorporate adoption into your holiday traditions as well if you please. 

6 Ways to Incorporate Adoption into Your Holidays

1. Create A Box Of Memories of your Adoption Process

As the birth mother, it can be a bittersweet time for you to put your baby up for adoption. That is why we would encourage you to create a box of memories so that it could be easier for you to cope. This box could include the ultrasounds, photos of where you are pregnant with your baby or items that are related to your baby’s birth family or place. Each year, you can add to this box of memories and share it with the adoptive family, or you can keep it for yourself so that you can heal. 

2. Host A Gift Exchange With Your Adoptive Family

Hosting a gift exchange with your adoptive family could also be an option. After all, it is the holidays! It’s a time of giving, receiving, and being merry with people that you wish to be around. By having a gift exchange each year, you still get to see how your baby is growing and be a part of their life; even if it is from afar. 

3. Schedule A Call With Your Adoption Agency 

Scheduling a call with your adoption agency may not seem as glamorous as the previous options, but it can still be incorporated into your adoption plan. Even if you are only trying to find out how to put a child up for adoption, we will still help you! To everyone here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, you are just as important to us as any other day of the year. 

4. Have Conversations About Your Adoption Journey

We realize that as the birth mother, feelings of guilt and shame might be prominent, but these feelings are very normal to experience. Going through a pregnant adoption can be extremely difficult, and you are very brave for doing so. It is important to remember that by choosing the adoption route, you chose a better life for your child. Coming to terms with that fact is difficult, and our adoption center knows that and will help you. Having conversations in the support groups, therapy sessions, or simply spreading awareness could help you more than you think. 

5. Write A Letter To Your Adoptive Family 

Choosing to write to your child’s adoptive family each year can play a major role in your healing journey. For example, with a letter, you can convey all of your feelings that you weren’t able to say during the process. Adoption in Nevada is just as difficult as adoption in other states and it’s okay to feel the way you do post-placement. Writing a letter to the adoptive family can be a new tradition for you and it could give you an opportunity to build a better connection. 

6. Schedule A Visit With Your Adoptive Family 

With any family, visits are bound to happen during the holidays, so why not schedule a visit with your child’s adoptive family? Our adoption agencies can help you set up a visit seamlessly and take the added stress off your shoulders during the holidays. Adoption Las Vegas can make sure that you and your adoptive family are available for a visit. Just because you decided to go the adoption route, does not necessarily mean that you have to spend the holidays wondering how your child is doing with their adoptive family. 

Our Adoption Agency Is Here For You

Essentially, just because you experienced an unplanned pregnancy does not mean that you need to experience the holidays alone and wondering! If you choose to do an open adoption, all of the options above would be great additions to your holiday traditions. Again, even if you just want more information on how to go through the adoption process during the holidays, that is okay. Simply getting information is the first step, and that alone can be difficult. Visit our website, give us a call, or stop by one of our adoption centers today. Adoption Nevada will make sure that you and your baby are taken care of.