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How to Navigate Father’s Day as a Birth Father in Las Vegas

By Chloe Taylor

Father’s Day is a day dedicated to thanking fathers for their support. This includes birth fathers who chose to support their child by placing them for adoption. This Father’s Day may bring challenging and bittersweet emotions. Are you a birth father feeling unsure about the upcoming holiday? You might think adoption agencies only provide support for birth mothers, but Adoption Choices of Nevada wants to support you as well. We have the resources to provide emotional support and care. We encourage you to reach out and use the available resources to your advantage. 

A Challenging Day For Birth Fathers

Father’s Day can be a difficult time. You might wonder how you fit into your child’s life as a birth father with their adoptive family. It is completely natural to have these feelings with your unique role. You have a different part of your child’s life as a birth father and it will be challenging to figure out what that may look like this holiday. 

Birth fathers sometimes do not seem to have as much support as birth mothers do and oftentimes might be overlooked. Your feelings are completely valid too. Birth fathers will also go through the grief and healing process. It is important to accept your emotions and feelings and work through them to continually support your child. You can still find meaning for this holiday in this different role. While Father’s Day may look different as a birth father, you are still a father and brought a child into this world. Not only that, but you made the difficult, selfless and loving decision to place your child for adoption. Therefore, you still deserve to be celebrated on Father’s Day. 

How Birth Fathers Can Spend the Day

Requesting to visit with your child can be an ideal way to celebrate. You can plan to visit and spend time with your child and their adoptive family. Open adoption provides the opportunity to reach out and, with the agreement of the adoptive parents, plan a day together. You might just request photos and updates. You can even write a letter to your child. It might take the pressure off of connecting in person and handling even more emotions. 

If you have a closed adoption or are unable to connect with your child on Father’s Day, spend time with your family and friends. Sometimes distractions are what you need to give yourself a break from the bittersweet emotions. Therefore, make plans with your family for the day. You can also celebrate your father figures in your life. Make time for you this holiday. Focus on your needs, and honor and celebrate yourself. 

Your Decision was to Support Them

You made an important decision that took a lot of courage and genuine love. You focused on giving your child a good future with lots of support. Now it is time to continue to focus on why it was important for you to make that decision in the first place. Oftentimes, you may doubt the reasoning, but remember you made the choice to do what was best for your child. Recognize your heart behind your decision. Going through the adoption plan shows your dedication to providing a future for your child. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada can Help

Reach out to our adoption agencies in Reno and Las Vegas. We are here to help. We offer counseling services to work through your trying emotions and feelings. There are also opportunities to join a support group to find other birth parents going through similar situations. It will give you a chance to connect and process and validate your feelings. You are not alone. Remember to reach out to your friends and family for their support. Being vulnerable at times is completely okay and often leads to closer connections with your friends and family. Through the adoption process in Nevada, you can easily find and utilize these resources. 

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we understand and want to continually offer our support to you. Adoption Choices of Nevada is a private professional adoption agency to share how best to put a baby up for adoption. We are here to help provide adoption support in Las Vegas and Reno with unplanned pregnancy support, adoption plans, post-placement support, and more. Reach out to take advantage of these helpful resources. Remember adoption agencies are here to assist you.