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I Don’t Feel Guilty About Placing My Baby for Adoption, Is There Something Wrong with Me?

By Lindsay Parkoo

Most birth mothers might expect to feel a mix of emotions about putting a baby up for adoption in Nevada. They might feel long-lasting guilt, sadness, or brief regret. Las Vegas adoption agencies let birth mothers know about the emotional toll. This is so that they might be able to prepare for it as best they can. The grief may be part of the process, but adoption centers help you through it. However, there are times when birth mothers don’t feel guilt or sadness. This can be even more confusing or worrying to realize about yourself. 

So, what does this mean for you? Does this make you a bad person? Is there something wrong? Believe it or not, there’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t feel this during the adoption. There are explanations as to why some birth mothers don’t feel guilt or grief. These reasons are entirely valid and don’t make them a bad person. 

Here, we’ll explain the complexity of emotions in the adoption process. This will hopefully assure you that no matter how you feel, your feelings are valid. 

The Emotional Aspects of Adoption in Las Vegas

As we said, most birth mothers expect grief, sadness, and guilt when going through the adoption process. There’s a sense of loss that happens when you go through with an adoption plan and place your child. Carrying a child for nine months is bound to leave you an emotional impact as well. Then, parting with that child can sometimes be even harder to deal with. Because of that, birth mothers worry about how they will emotionally heal and cope after the adoption is done. However, every birth mother’s circumstances in their pregnancy are different. So, it stands to reason that not every birth mother might feel the same about it afterward.

These emotions aren’t necessarily the standard for everyone. The emotional relationship each birth mother has with the process, and her baby is unique. This means she might not show the same emotions as other birth mothers. This doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with her. But it can make her feel like there should be.

Am I Bad for Feeling Positive After Adoption?

No, you’re not bad for having positive emotions during the adoption. In some cases, the birth mother might feel relief, indifference, or happiness. Maybe she became pregnant under negative or abusive circumstances and had negative associations throughout the process. After all, not everyone is in a great place to be a parent. That doesn’t make her a bad person, either. She could feel relief and happiness that her baby was going to a good home. That, and she won’t need to worry about providing the child with all the things they need. It doesn’t mean she cares about them any less, either. Not feeling guilty doesn’t mean you don’t care about them. No one can control what they will feel when they go through adoption. 

While happiness might not be usual or expected, that doesn’t mean you should feel bad If you feel it. Giving a baby up for adoption might’ve been the best choice for you. You’re allowed to feel anything about it, whether positive or negative. There are lots of positive emotions that can come out of the adoption process. It’s okay if you feel a sense of relief and confidence in your choice. You can feel happy for having done it and are eagerly awaiting the transition period into regular life, for instance. There is also a sense of gladness knowing your child will grow up to have a happier life. Birth mothers might feel happy anticipation to be able to see them again if they choose open adoption in Nevada. Maybe you were in an unplanned pregnancy, and you’re excited to plan for a baby on your terms. 

Learn About Life After Adoption Through Adoption Choices of Nevada

No one can say exactly what you’re going to feel about the adoption until you’re in it. However, no matter the outcome, there shouldn’t be any judgment. You’ll find that the Adoption Choices of Nevada are great at supporting you emotionally, physically, mentally, or otherwise. Adoption Choices of Nevada helps you with many things under pregnancy adoption help. We help you with adoption planning, medical care, and financial care. To find an adoption agency near you, search ‘adoption Las Vegas‘ and let us help you on your journey.