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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

I Gave My Baby Up for Adoption, Now What? 

By Alexandra Butcher

Unexpected pregnancies change the course of your life from one day to the next. Sometimes you might already be struggling with an issue in another aspect of your life. The possibility of raising a baby was not in your near future. But life happens, and it is completely normal to deal with this unexpected occurrence in a way that will benefit both you and the baby. 

Adoption is never an easy choice to make, but you should be proud of yourself for making the best decision for your child and their future. Whether you are a young parent, a single parent, or a couple who is just not ready to move into that new phase of your life – you made a real and valid choice. You may be faced with feelings of guilt or anxiousness about what will happen after your adoption, but Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to reassure you and let you know that there is life after adoption!

Your Next Steps After Placing a Baby for Adoption in Nevada

Going through the adoption process is not easy but Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to support you through it and after it. You may have entered into an open adoption plan where you remain in contact with your child’s adoptive family. If this is the case, then it’s important to maintain a healthy relationship with your child and their adoptive family after placing a baby up for adoption. 

It’s important to remember, though, that you have a life after undergoing the adoption process. Don’t let this stop you from living your life and making the most of it. You deserve the best after adoption, too.

Three Healthy Coping Mechanisms for Birth Parents After a Nevada Adoption

It is so important to develop healthy habits after placing a child up for adoption in Nevada. Developing healthy habits after undergoing a Nevada adoption will help you work through your emotions and figure out what you want to do after this life-changing decision. Keep reading to see three healthy coping mechanisms for birth parents after an adoption.

1. Adoption Counseling

Adoption Choices of Nevada provides birth mothers and parents with adoption counseling to help them deal with the emotional side of the adoption process. We provide you with professional service at no cost. Talking it through with a counselor will help you process your emotions and assess your next steps after giving your baby up for adoption.

2. Adoption Support Groups in Nevada

Discuss your feelings with people who are going through the same thing as you. Finding someone who can understand your emotions can help reassure you and encourage you to continue your life optimistically after the adoption process. Our adoption agencies can help connect you with some of these groups, just reach out!

3. Journaling After the Adoption Process

Maybe you’re not comfortable enough to open up to someone else yet. That is completely fine – don’t feel pressured to do something you don’t want to. A therapeutic way to deal with your emotions after an unplanned pregnancy and adoption in Nevada is to start journaling. You are the only person who will have access to this journal so feel free to be as honest as you want and work through this process at your own pace.

Continuing Your Journey After a Nevada Adoption

Adoption in Nevada is a tough process, but you should be celebrated for making this beneficial decision for you and your baby. Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to provide you with emotional support counseling, connect you with peers in community support groups, or provide practical ways of dealing with your emotions through more introverted methods such as journaling. 

If you are a birth mother or birth parents wondering who to call when you’re pregnant and don’t want or are unable to care for the baby, reach out to Adoption Choices of Nevada. Our adoption agency can provide you with financial assistance, housing, and emotional support throughout this process. 

An unexpected pregnancy is a curve ball life can throw at you. But you shouldn’t let this be the end of your journey. Adoption is a part of your story, but there is life after placing a baby up for adoption. You shouldn’t feel guilty for moving on after this. You made a courageous decision and should stand strong in your choice. Remember, life does not end after an adoption!