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ICWA: Placing A Native American Child Up For Adoption In Nevada

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we understand that each birth family has a unique set of connections and affiliations that may influence how they put their baby up for adoption. Oftentimes, these relationships require a bond to remain intact during and after the placement process is completed. While for some, this may involve singular members of an extended family such as grandparents and siblings, for others, this can include entire groups and associations. For most Native American birth parents, their tribe is a central and foundational connection not only to the placement of their child but their overall identity and lifestyle. This is why, many aspects of the Native Americans, from their homes and foods to their past artifacts need to be given adequate attention and preservation today. In correlation with the Indian Child Welfare Act or ICWA, Adoption Choices of Nevada will work with you and your Native American tribe to maintain the proper amount of collaboration and culture when finding the right type of adoption for your baby.

What Is The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), And What Does It Mean For You?

While many are familiar with recent attempts to preserve some of the aforementioned cultural elements unique to Native Americans, such as the reserves offered to protect their habitats and resources, the Indian Child Welfare Act is often unheard of. The ICWA is a federal act, crafted in 1978, which allows Native American tribes to regain their jurisdiction over the adoption of Native American children. It is based on a desire to preserve the culture that exists amongst Native American tribes and families while simultaneously enabling them to adhere to the traditions and customs that they see fit for the adoption of a child.

Through the ICWA, the practices of the state and tribe are interwoven in any adoption trials. This means that your tribal court must hear any case for the placement of your Native American child. It also means that the tribe to which the child belongs may take part in any state court actions. In correlation with the ICWA, Adoption Choices of Nevada will work to unite the state of Nevada with any of the twenty-seven tribal groups in Nevada which you may be a member of.

How Can Adoption Choices of Nevada Help You With Navigating the ICWA?

One of the greatest potential obstacles in any Native American placement is the language barrier that could exist between tribal members and Nevada state officials. Even amongst tribes that speak primarily English, the complex jargon involved in any adoption case can prove to be confusing. This is why, while facilitating the placement of your Native American child, our goal is to guarantee that suitable translation is provided between the state and members of your tribe, when applicable. A clear line of communication is one of the many legal rights that Adoption Choices of Nevada will ensure you are granted during the adoption process.

 In addition, the ICWA states that any child removed from a Native American household is required to be placed with either extended family, tribal members, or other Native American parents. If you are looking to place your child outside of your family or tribe, Adoption Choices of Nevada will provide you the resources needed to find them a loving and safe Native American home.

Preserving Your Child’s Culture After Adoption

When your child leaves your care, they do not have to leave their culture behind. Through the ICWA and affiliated procedures, your child will be placed in an environment that not only accepts your tribal traditions and rituals but embraces them. In a modern world, which strives to embrace diverse experiences and backgrounds to educate individuals about those around them, here at Adoption Choices of Nevada we want to do our part. Through this mission, we have put in place the necessary procedures to ensure that no child will feel alienated or stripped of their identity and culture during the adoption process. We understand that your tribe isn’t just your family, they are at the core of your lifestyle. This is why we are committed to making sure that they are a part of the adoption process from birth till placement.

We want you to feel assured that all preferences and customs will be honored and make you feel as welcome at our adoption agencies Reno and Las Vegas as any other client. When you place your child with Adoption Choices of Nevada, you contribute to the preservation of Native American heritage for generations to come.

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