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Is Choosing Adoption Selfish?

By Brett Byll 

If you’re a birth mother facing an unplanned pregnancy in Nevada, you may be considering available options. One out of two pregnancies in America are unplanned, so it’s common to not feel prepared for the responsibilities following parenthood. . If you don’t have all of the resources you might need to raise a child, you may be considering adoption. Some mothers worry that choosing adoption is selfish. The short answer is that it isn’t. Adoption Choices of Nevada offers plenty of resources for you and your baby to ensure the best in your adoption journey. 

The idea that adoption is selfish may be based on misconceptions about how it works. Adoption is often chosen because a birth mother recognizes that they aren’t ready to parent. Choosing to place a child for adoption and finding a family that is better equipped to raise the child is a selfless act. The self-reflection required to know that adoption is the right choice for you shows humility. Choosing adoption allows everyone involved to place the child’s needs first, and prioritizing a child’s well-being is the best thing a birth mother can do. 

Making Sure Adoption is Right for You

If you aren’t convinced that adoption is the right choice, there are ways to become more informed. Adoption specialists and professionals at Adoption Choices of Nevada are always willing to help explain every step of the process to you. If you have any questions, reach out and feel free to ask. 

If you want to hear from people who are more personally familiar with aspects of the adoption process in Nevada, there are more resources. Adoption agencies can find support groups for people who want to share or listen to experiences. This way, you can hear what the adoption process is like and see the support network birth mothers have for one another. 

There are mothers who may choose adoption while still wanting to be involved in their baby’s life in varying capacities. Some do want some form of closure. These are all options and they correspond with the adoption plan that you choose. 

If you are more interested in figuring out how to put a baby up for adoption, Adoption Choices of Nevada can help. Finding the right plan for you depends on how involved you want to be in your child’s life. The misconception of a lack of any contact or involvement may be based on the impression that all adoptions work the same. 

How to Choose an Adoption Plan

The impression of an adoption without any contact is a possible and valid option offered to mothers, called a closed adoption. That is a choice, and it is not selfish either. Many birth mothers have different reasons for what they choose, but there are other options that may be more appealing to some. If you are concerned about whether an adoption is selfish and want to be involved in your child’s life, open adoption could be right for you. 

Open adoption tends to be the most common form of the adoption process for every person involved. In an open adoption, the birth parents and adoptive family are able to communicate with one another. Additionally, birth parents can have some form of contact with the child. What form you pick is up for you to decide. 

You may be able to schedule visits, as long as the adoptive parents and child are comfortable. The amount of visits possible will vary depending on each family and their schedule. It is important to set reasonable expectations in this case so that nobody is disappointed. Two – three visits a year is common, however, if you are interested in communicating more, conversation is key. Alternatively, you may be able to send letters and emails, or if phone/video calls and texting sound better to you, that can be arranged. It is important that you build a good rapport with the adoptive family in an open adoption. 

If you are less comfortable with organizing and communicating, parts of a semi-open adoption may be appealing. In a semi-open adoption, the agency will handle the communication between parents. If you would prefer Adoption Choices of Nevada to facilitate interactions, this option could work for you.

Contact Adoption Choices of Nevada

Considering an adoption plan and learning what resources are available to you are all elements of taking care of your child. This is a huge part of caring for a child, even if you find that you can’t raise them. If adoption sounds right for you, please, consider reaching out to Adoption Choices of Nevada. Adoption agencies in Reno are ready and willing to help you out. All you need to do is contact them.
If you need help finding financial support, housing, medical care, or understanding Nevada adoption laws, please reach out. On the Adoption Choices of Nevada website, you can fill in your personal details for the agency to contact you. Additionally, you can contact the agency through email, phone calls, or social media. If you have any more questions, please contact the agency.