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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Is Same-Sex Adoption Illegal in Nevada?

By Kaitlyn Chrisemer

If you’re a woman who has recently learned of an unexpected pregnancy, you may be looking into all your options. An adoption is certainly an option for you, but maybe you’re wondering about the different kinds of adoption available. All of the various adoption types can be overwhelming, but Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to help. If you’re considering a same-sex adoption in Nevada, you might be wondering if same-sex adoption is illegal in Nevada. Well at Adoption Choices of Nevada our adoption specialists are here to help.

What is a Same-Sex Adoption?

Same-sex adoption is when your baby is adopted into a family with two parents of the same sex. Instead of having a mom and a dad, your child will grow up with two moms or two dads. There are plenty of loving same-sex couples looking to adopt. If you’re from Nevada and are thinking about putting your baby up for adoption, you may consider a same-sex adoption. 

In Nevada, same-sex couples are permitted to adopt children if registered domestic partners or married in any state. Nevada law prohibits discrimination against LGBTQ+ people based on their gender or sexual orientation. Like any heterosexual couple, as long as they are legally together, they can legally adopt children together. At our adoption agencies, same-sex couples will be treated as any other heterosexual couple looking to adopt a child. 

Why Pursue a Same-Sex Adoption?

If you’ve decided you want to put your baby up for adoption, our adoption agencies can help make your plan. Your adoption plan may involve placing your baby with a same-sex couple. There are a few reasons you may want to consider this type of family for your adoption process

Firstly, children who grow up in households with same-sex parents tend to be more open-minded than those who don’t. This open-mindedness allows children to be open and accepting of themselves as they grow and discover who they are. They will also be more likely to accept others who may look or act differently than themselves. They’re more likely to accept when they meet people who are different in some way than they are. 

Secondly, children who grow up with same-sex parents often feel more accepted for who they are inside. Often, children feel more safe being true to themselves and figuring out who they are when raised by LGBTQ+ parents. As a result, they’re more likely to ask questions openly and feel comfortable with themselves as they discover who they are as individuals. 

Lastly, an important reason to consider a same-sex adoption is that your child will be loved and cared for. A same-sex and a heterosexual couple will love, care for, and raise a child the same. There isn’t a difference in how well taken care of your baby will be based on the adoptive parents’ sexualities. 

Resources for Same-Sex Couples Looking to Adopt in Nevada

If you are a same-sex or LGBTQ+ couple looking to adopt a child, our adoption agencies can help. Due to Nevada state laws against discrimination, you shouldn’t have legal issues adopting if you are married or have domestic partners. However, Adoption Choices of Nevada can help if you are facing difficulties. Our adoption agencies in Reno and Las Vegas do not discriminate against same-sex couples. We understand that hearts aren’t restricted to one type of love and that LGBTQ+ couples deserve the right to adopt. 

Going Forward with a Same-Sex Adoption in Nevada

If you would like to move forward with a same-sex or LGBTQ+ adoption, our adoption agencies can help. The adoption process can be intimidating, but Adoption Choices of Nevada is here for you. We understand that giving up a child for adoption is far from giving up; it understands what is best. Although this is a difficult and often painful decision, it takes strength to know it is the right path. If adoption is the best option for you and your child, our adoption agencies are here to help. 

If you consider placing your child for same-sex adoption, don’t hesitate to contact us. Additionally, if you are a same-sex couple looking to adopt, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We accept everyone and want to do what is best for the children in all cases. The adoption agencies at Adoption Choices of Nevada are safe spaces without judgment. 

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