It’s Never Too Late to Choose Adoption for Your Baby in Nevada

By Katy Reagan

Becoming a parent is never an easy decision. It becomes even harder when you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy. Adoption is always a choice whether you’ve just found out you’re pregnant or have already been parenting. Adoption Choices of Nevada is a local private adoption agency that will guide you through your options. We serve local adoption in Las Vegas and all across the state.

Do I Have to be Pregnant to Place My Baby for Adoption?

The answer is no. You can already have the child and still place them for adoption. You can choose adoption at any point in pregnancy or after. Maybe you just saw the positive pregnancy test. Maybe you’re in labor and realize you’re not ready to be a parent. Or maybe you have already taken the child home but realized you could not give them the support they need. 

No matter how far along you are or your reasons, we are here for you. Adoption Choices of Nevada provides you with the support and resources you need. We are completely non-judgmental. Giving a baby up for adoption is a brave choice at any point in time. We know you have your baby’s best interests at heart, and so do we.

Something important to know is that you aren’t actually giving anything up by choosing adoption. You will see phrases like “giving up a baby for adoption” on our website. We prefer the phrase “placing a baby for adoption” because it is more accurate. We only use the phrase “giving up” to reach a wider audience because that’s what many birth mothers search for.

What is the Nevada Adoption Process?

So you’re thinking about giving up a child for adoption. Even if you haven’t made up your mind yet, the first step is to contact a Las Vegas adoption agency. The adoption process begins as soon as you call Adoption Choices of Nevada. You can find our contact information below. When you contact us, you’ll be paired with an adoption specialist who will get to know you and your case. This entire process is personalized to you and your needs.

During your first phone call, your adoption specialist will walk you through all of your options. These options are not limited to adoption, although that is our focus. They answer any questions and set you up with an adoption counselor if you decide adoption is the right choice.

Together with your adoption counselor, you’ll create an adoption plan. This is a document that outlines all of your decisions about pregnancy, birth, and life after. One of the first steps is choosing the type of adoption you want. There is an open, semi-open, and closed adoption. Open adoption has full communication between you and the adoptive family and child. Semi-open adoption is limited communication through adoption agencies. Closed adoption has zero communication, and no identifying information is shared.

Your adoption counselor then presents you with adoptive family profiles based on your preferences. You get to choose the environment your child grows up in. You’ll also be able to create a birth plan. This includes all of your wishes for the birth, including who is with you and who is able to hold the child. There is a 72-hour waiting period after birth in Nevada before the adoption is finalized. 

Why Should I Choose Private Adoption in Nevada?

Private adoption gives you control over the adoption process. You make every decision, and Adoption Choices of Nevada supports you. Your adoption counselor advocates for you and your child. You and your child are our top priority.

Because you are our top priority, we make sure you and your child have everything you need before adoption. If you are in an unsafe living situation, we can help. We also make sure you are receiving proper medical care and counseling services. If you are having financial difficulties, we find support for you. We also connect you with any resources we cannot directly provide.

When you choose private adoption through our agency, you can be certain your child is safe. All of our adoptive families have gone through background checks and home visits. They are able to provide for your child. We ensure that your child will grow up in a safe and loving environment. 

After the adoption is finalized, Adoption Choices of Nevada continues to support you. We provide free, unlimited counseling services for as long as you need. Although adoption is a selfless choice, we still make sure you are taking care of yourself. Adoption is an emotional and physical journey that does not end after the adoption is finalized. Our counselors can help guide you through this next phase of your life. 

Choosing Adoption Las Vegas

There is never a wrong time to choose adoption in Las Vegas. Adoption could be the best option for you at any age or stage. If you’re questioning whether or not this is the right option for you, contact us. 

If you are a birth mother considering adoption before or after birth, Adoption Choices of Nevada has been providing adoption and surrogacy services across Nevada since 2012. You can call us to speak to someone now. Contact Us 24/7: 855-940-4673 (Toll-Free) | 702-474-4673 (Las Vegas) | 775-825-4673 (Reno)