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Adopting a child as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender household presents different set of obstacles, but LGBT adoption has continued to grow throughout the last 15+ years and adopting a baby with LGBT adoption agencies has gotten much more sophisticated.

Since 2000, we’ve seen an amazing increase in the number of households that feature same-sex couples. In 2000, there were a reported 65,000 children living with same-sex couples. In the 2012 census, that number doubled to 110,000 children living with same-sex couples. This is a fantastic advancement for the LGBT community and the children being raised in that kind of household.

LGBT families definitely face different experiences in adopting a baby than heterosexual families including unique laws where you live and being matched with birth parents that are looking for a same-sex family. The good news is that each day more and more birth parents are requesting LGBT families for their children.

In Nevada, it’s important to note that there are no regulations or laws preventing same-sex couples to adopt and we work heavily with LGBT families to help fulfill their dreams of adoption.

So, what does the process look like for LGBT parents in their journey to adopt?

Truly the process works the same way since there are no regulations or laws in Nevada preventing a LGBT couple from adopting. You may expect the process to take longer than a heterosexual couple’s process, but that isn’t necessarily true. As we talk about in Adopt A Baby: How to Set Your Profile Apart, your beliefs and values are a really big part of what sets you apart. While you may view being a LGBT household as a handicap when it comes to being chosen, often it’s what sets you apart, and as we mentioned, more and more birth parents are actually requesting LGBT families for their children.

While there is no guarantee or real statistics around LGBT versus heterosexual adoption times, it likely all averages out in the end, but your wait may actually be shorter than that of a heterosexual couple because more and more birth mothers and fathers are seeking same-sex households.

Any lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender couple that is registered with the Nevada Domestic Partnership with the Secretary of State or marriage will be treated the same throughout the adoption process as a heterosexual married couple. There is truly no difference between your process or recommendations on how to present yourself and your home to potential birth parents.

In your adoption profile, we still recommend making your beliefs, personality, and values the main focus. Birth parents want, above all else, to know that their child will be in a loving, safe, and responsible home that will raise their child to be the best person he or she can be. While a birth mother, or birth parents, may be looking for a LGBT family for their child, you still need to set yourself apart from other LGBT families. Share your story in a fun and positive way that highlights how their child will benefit from being raised in your household and by you.

There is no bigger gift in the world than the gift of adoption and it makes no difference whether it’s in a heterosexual home or a LGBT home. Love is love and that is exactly why we welcome any and all families and lifestyles. If you’re ready to learn more about the adoption process or even start the application and home study process, we encourage you to click below to get started today! Who knows, your little bundle of joy may be out there waiting for you already!

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